11 AI-Powered Side Businesses You Can Launch Today

11 AI-Powered Side Businesses is one of the hottest trends of the year. Today, we’ll explore some of the ways you can use this new technology to start a new business or grow an existing one.

Matt Wolfe from FutureTools.io and the FutureTools YouTube channel helped me talk about this. Matt is an old friend who is really immersed in AI technology and outside influence.

Here are our top picks for AI Makes Money side trips you can start today.

1. AI-Powered Content Website

Niche sites have had a renaissance, and Matt’s FutureTools.io is a great example. FutureTools.io integrates and customizes AI tools. Matt has automated the process of adding new tools to the site and uses AI to generate reports for each tool.

About 25% of the content on the site includes affiliate services for which Matt uses his links. AI tools like ChatGPT make it easy to extract valuable content quickly. Open AI Makes Money has another free tool called GPT-3 Playground, where you can learn how this tool works.

You can use it to review courses, write articles, and write content. Think of it as a form of expression. But if you want your content to stand out, you need to polish it with your voice. Google warns that 100% of AI content without human editing will not rank well.

“It’s a good idea to go back and almost use AI as an evil model,” Matt adds.
“I’ll do it myself.”

2. Copywriter for Hire

Professional copywriters can earn $250 an hour or more. These are the people who write copy for ads, email campaigns, and product descriptions. Can you use ChatGPT to speed up typing?
“Something you need to do as a publicist … it’s significantly improving at the large thought – the snare,” adds Matt.

As it stands, AI tools can create rough drafts for you, but they still can’t give you the hook or angle you need to write a good script.

“I think the best showcasing experts are the ones who are perfect at looking at things from a non-man-made brainpower perspective.”

As far as the general public is concerned, AI tools are relatively new, so printers have a large market share to capture.

3. Coloring Books

Midjourney is a talent development program that will start in mid-2022. Considering the popularity of adult colouring books on Amazon, there could be an opportunity here to use AI tools to create new coloring books. With Kindle Direct Publishing, you can submit your book and receive royalties when it is sold.

Coloring Books

“You can go into Midger and say, ‘Make me a coloring book-style exotic car,'” Matt explained. “He would paint a black and white picture and leave the interior unfinished.”

Midjourney allows users to create 25 free images. From that point onward, it costs $10-$60 each month. The best thing about this idea is that it is printed on demand, which means you have no inventory costs, and Amazon fulfills all your orders.

4. Stock Images

On the one hand, Matt’s experience is selling AI-generated images on Adobe Stock.

(Adobe Stock is one of the few big-name stock photography platforms that allows AI-powered graphics on its platform.)

Stock Images

Matt reports that he has made about $50 in sales so far from the 50 photos he has uploaded. One thing that helps is to go where there is already demand. Adobe Stock has a section called “Insights” that shows users the best-selling images of the past month. You can find inspirational pictures of what to do with a migraine.

Matt realizes that he has moral boundaries that he will not cross on this sideline. That’s why Midgerny is preferred over other AI drawing services.

“The mid-term now has its own quality so you can look at pictures and say: ‘This has to do with Midjourney’,” he explained.

That is, if you do not register an artist, Midjourney will not leave any images that match that particular artist.

5. Faceless YouTube Channel

YouTube is hot for online business, and some employees make $1,000 a day! But if you don’t want to be in the camera yourself, AI tools can help you create high-quality videos.
For instance, you can utilize a simulated intelligence video generator to make a slide deck with text and pictures. You can then use a tool like DaVinci Resolve or ScreenFlow to add sound to each slide.

Other AI-powered video generators worth checking out include:

  • Revoicer: “Realistic AI text-to-speech” tool.
  • Lumen5: With Lumen5, you can give it a link to an article or blog post, and it will convert text to video. You can then add music, import new images, and adjust the format.
  • Fliki: Similar to Lumen5, Fliki allows you to convert your content or blog post to video or audio in minutes using LifeLife AI audio.
  • Tome: Using GPT-3 and DALL-E 2, Tome AI helps you create simple presentations. You can use it to overcome writer’s block and create a story from scratch.
  • SlidesAI: With SlidesAI, it’s easy to make slides for talks. Once you have a preliminary plan, you can adjust the appearance of each slide.
  • Description: Description is an interactive audio/video editor. There is a feature called Overdub, which allows you to create a text-to-speech version of your voice.

6. Voice-Over Impressions on Fiverr

The idea is to create popular voices with Voice.ai, a real-time voice changer, and then sell those ideas on Fiver.

Audio and audio services are very popular in online business, so this idea can really work.

7. Ad Campaign Manager

Many businesses hire agencies or freelancers to manage and develop their advertising campaigns. For entrepreneurs like Brien Gearin, they can make more than $1,000 per month per client.

With tools like Ad Creative, can you provide similar services?

Ad Campaign Manager

The ad creator lets you create hundreds of effective ads in seconds. It also lets you know right away how well your ads are doing.

8. Social Media Management

“There are a lot of businesses that want someone to manage their social media, and that’s something that AI tools can help with,” states Matt.

Tweet Hunter, for example, keeps the best tweets in different categories, which you can use as inspiration to create your tweets. It also gives you personalized daily tweets and publishes ready tweets, news tips, and more.

With the tool’s AI-powered TweetPredict feature, you can see how good your predictions are before you send your tweet. Another tool called Reply allows you to create meaningful replies to tweets, make jokes, and increase engagement. With Replay, you can easily grow your account and increase your visibility.

And that’s just Twitter. If you can use AI tools to generate content for other social media sites, there’s an opportunity to make a splash.

9. Image Improvement

Image editing is a service that is in high demand, and many people will pay well on Fiverr and other online marketplaces.  How AI Makes Money tools allow you to provide these services without being a Photoshop expert.

For example, with ClipDrop, you can easily remove the background of photos. This tool allows you to extract content from an image with a few clicks.

There are even tools that allow you to enlarge and edit images, clean them up, and remove watermarks.

“There are all kinds of tools … just optimize the image for the reference you want to go to,” said Matt.

10. Podcast Show Notes

Professional podcast show writers are paid anywhere from $25-100 per episode. Can you provide a similar service but use an AI tool to speed up the process?

For example, Melville will provide audiovisual and visual information:

  • One copy
  • Section content
  • These bullet points were stamped during the major points of the piece.

All you have to do is go in and clear the script, but at least Melville gives you a good start.

11. Prompt Engineering

How AI Makes Money tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney satisfy anything you give them, but the results vary. For example, if you ask Midjourney to post a picture of a wolf in the wild, you’ll get another picture of a wolf.

But if you ask for Midjourney’s Wolf in the Woods in synth-wave-style X, Y, and Z colors, you’ll get the smoother, cooler result you’re looking for. They will be close to him. It’s the kind of leadership that people seem to pay good money for.

Marketplaces like PromptBase are already popping up to give people a place to buy and sell their How AI Makes Money prompts!



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