22 Best Couple Side Hustles: Make $500+ Monthly Extra

22 Best Couple Side Hustles who get married stay together, right?

We have 22 Best Couple Side Hustles Ideas To Earn Extra Money For Free time. Check Out These 22 Topics For Making Extra Money.

If you and your spouse have a common goal of improving your finances, one way to do it is with a side hustle. When you work together, you can strengthen your relationship at the same time. Struggling with money is a source of great stress in couples, and sometimes, the best solution is to make more money. 22 Best Couple Side Hustles

However, creating a side hustle as a couple can bring new challenges to your relationship. Your company is the new “baby” to spend time, attention, and collaboration with.

With that in mind, here are our tips for the best side prints for couples. We select them based on their fundraising potential, time frame, and “togetherness” factor.

1. Reselling Mattress and Furniture Returns

Do you know how every new mattress comes with a “100-nights-of-goodness-or-your-money-back” guarantee? It turns out that 7% of the mattresses in this box come back. In these cases, companies do not want to return the products. Instead, they work with Sharetown, a “reverse logistics” company, to pick them up, clean them, and sell them on the secondary market.

When the couple was evicted, reports came in, according to city officials. For Staci Aburto and her significant other, 22 Best Couple Side Hustles, the side hustle adds $2,000-4,000 per month to their main concern.

He explained that they want $150-$250 per product and are not willing to pay until the product is sold.

2. Furniture Flipping

Moving furniture is another big deal for 22 Best Couple Side Hustles. The most common types are:

  • Find a piece of furniture on Facebook Marketplace, Give Up, Craigslist, or local buying groups
  • getting
  • Wash it out again
  • To take a picture and sell it – for a profit

Ryan Crone reports that he and his wife make $150-$250 a month. 22 Best Couple Side Hustles palette, and it is good to clean by working with his hands. His advice? Start with simple things like dressing up to test your skills.

If you pay attention to common features and other areas that work, this can be a money-making hobby.

3. Start a YouTube Channel

Starting or growing a YouTube channel can be a great option for couples who want to capture time together and share it with others. Creating great video content is a lot of work, but many couples enjoy being creative.

For example, Amon and Christina are the husband and wife duo of Our Rich Journey, a popular YouTube channel. The couple soon retired from their careers and moved with their family to Portugal.

His YouTube channel, which focuses on personal finance, makes about $500 per video. To monetize your channel with YouTube ads, you need 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of viewing time, but if you create content regularly, the income may not be good enough.

Advertising is not the only way to make money. Some video creators make money from:

  • Collaborative collaboration
  • Kind of support
  • their products and services

Fortunately, there are video editing sites that can help with all vlog content.

What do you love as a couple? All of these can be potential content for your channel.

4. Create a Podcast

Another content-based platform that can create a good slideshow is a couple starting a podcast. For example, I was in contact with Garrett Kruger and Sabrina Ricci, who hosted the I Know Dino podcast.

This is a podcast that shares the latest dinosaur news!

Couples love talking about dinosaurs – they even had their wedding with a dinosaur. The podcast is funded through sponsors, sales, and audience support through Patreon.

You don’t need to be an international expert on your subject either. (Garrett and Sabrina are not doctors.)

Creating a podcast is less work than YouTube and is still a great way to build an audience and strengthen your relationships.

5. Credit Card Rewards

22 Best Couple Side Hustles My wife, and I have earned thousands of dollars over the years using credit card interest. You need to be responsible and pay the balance every month.

6. Real Estate Investing

One of the most common ways for couples to build wealth is through real estate. And while there are many types of housing search, most couples start with a rental property.

Real Estate Investing

As a landlord, you benefit from the split between the monthly rent and your transport costs, including:

  • paying the rent
  • property taxes
  • Insurance
  • Medical expenses

Keep the “1% Rule” in mind as you look for a house. If you can deduct 1% of the purchase price from the monthly rent, it’s a good investment. (For example, a $250,000 home would cost $2,500 per month in rent.)

In high-end stores, this is not true. That’s when the stage seems to have arrived.

Writing makes it easier to market income-generating properties across the country – especially when tenants and property management are involved. And instead of needing thousands of dollars for a down payment, you can buy shares in these properties for less than $100.

It allows you to add valuable content to your archive – without the headache of managing it yourself.

7. Renovating Houses

Or, if you and your spouse don’t mind a little hard work, you can get something fancy in exchange for cash.

Cleaning a house takes a lot of attention, but it’s also a lot of work. It’s called “Sweet Equity” for a reason!

You will need to:

  • Looking for a home
  • Estimated repair costs
  • Determine the final price by checking recent sales comps
  • Negotiate the purchase price for profit after renovation
  • Complete the task
  • Collecting and selling

These silks are perfect for couples with a background in sewing, crafting, and design. (Or, if your budget allows, prime contractors.)

But it is not for everyone. You know your partner well—if a fixer-upper project is a recipe for drama and war, try something else on this list!

Another way: live flip. This is how you buy a house that needs work, but you plan to live in it for at least a few years. That way, you don’t have time to rush your maintenance. You can save your time and stress. And if you keep them alive for at least two years, the gains on your sale are tax-free.

8. Build a Helpful Website

This is not the best side if you need extra money right away, but over time, it can become a regular income. Gone are the days of blogging as a personal diary. Instead, one of the best options is to create a website that answers people’s questions or helps them make decisions.

For example, Raffaele’s website helps people take better care of their plants and earn $10,000+ per month. Revenue comes from a combination of advertising, affiliate advertising, and its products.

This is great for couples who love to watch and write.

9. Start an E-Commerce Business

My friends Chris and Julia Tunstall are disappointed with the selection of quality products online. So the couple decided to make it themselves and sell it. (Or, more accurately, special contract workers do.)

Originally a cocktail, ABarAbove.com is now a 7-figure business, selling through Amazon and its store.

Are there things you are having trouble finding? Or are the current options too expensive? Maybe there is such an opportunity to create something better or cheaper.

10. Print on Demand

It’s not a huge money maker, but selling printing supplies is one of my wife and I’s favorite 22 Best Couple Side Hustles.

How it works: We send designs to sites like Redbubble and Merch from Amazon, and the platform does the rest. We set the price, and when someone places an order, the website manages the printing, shipping, and processing.

I usually take ideas and design using Canva.

It’s a fun, creative way to make extra money.

11. Offer Online Courses

If you or your spouse is good at something, you can start working out to learn it online. There are a couple of approaches here. The first is called “self-hosting” of your online course through a platform like Teachable. In this case, you set your price, but you will also be responsible for marketing and selling the course.

Teach an Online Group Class

Popular online teaching sellers who use this technology can earn thousands of dollars per month, such as Jack Hopkins, who teaches piano acceleration.

Another option is to publish your learning content on a marketplace such as Udemy or Skillshare. In this case, you will usually get less per student, but you will be able to reach more people.

12. Teach an Online Group Class

With the fast-growing OutSchool platform, you can create and host online lessons in any subject. This site is designed for students (and their parents) in grades K-12, but your theme doesn’t have to be strictly academic.

For example, Devyn Ricks reports that he makes $4,000 a month teaching video games part-time!

13. Flipping Products

The swim shop is a great source of support for Jack and John Farrell, a semi-retired couple in Florida. He’s on a treasure hunt – constantly finding interesting and useful things to turn to. In his case, he mentioned the sale of several Sprinter van seats, a set of Troll dolls, and even a fifth wheel.

About $17,000 worth of merchandise had been sold in the last 30 days prior to our conversation.

If you like this “buy low, sell high” model, I recommend checking out the free Flea Market Flipper tutorial to learn more.

14. Become Virtual Assistants

You can be a good virtual assistant if you and your partner have good management and work skills. In this task, your errands will be:

  • Plan a business trip
  • Answer customer service questions
  • Regular reporting
  • Manage your calendar and inbox

A VA spouse can be a great way to get paid together, especially if you live somewhere far away or if you want to be outside of town. The rates vary from $20-$40 per hour and higher, depending on your experience. The more specific your service, the more you can charge.

Upwork and Fiverr are two of the great freelance sites where you can connect with clients. However, it would be better to use your network or find businesses in the community that you are already a part of.

For example, my friends Mish and Rob run a printing business for online business owners.

15. Start a Cleaning Business

Even if your own home is a mess, starting a cleaning project can be a big step for parents.


22 Best Couple Side Hustles. According to some reports, the residential cleaning industry is growing at a rate of 20 percent every year!

And you probably won’t have to wash yourself. Anthony and Jhanilk Hartzog have an interesting business model where they contract with local cleaners to fill their hours.

Basically, they play a competitive game – marketing to customers and connecting them with cleaners – they win 40% of all jobs. When we spoke, they were doing $20-25k a month in bookings and have been growing ever since.

16. Backyard Nursery

Planting and cultivating plants with couples is a good thing to do together. The trick is to sell some of these plants to your neighbors. Craig Odem is a pastor in Tennessee, but he sells about $10,000 worth of plants every year from his nursery!

Backyard Nursery

If you are already thinking about plants and where to grow them, this can be a great way to add some “greenness” to your bottom line.

17. Self-Publishing

For Justin and Alexis Black, their self-published memoir, Redefining Normal, is a full-time business. In addition to being a debt collector, he also makes money from public speaking and book-based coaching – up to $8,000 per session!

The beauty of self-publishing is that anyone can turn their ideas and experiences into products on Amazon at a relatively low cost. It’s worth investing in repairs and good coverage, but then you have products you can sell for years.

Or if you have some good ideas, you could make a children’s book. Amazon makes it very easy and cheap to produce Kindle and paper versions of your books.

18. Start an Etsy Shop

Creative couples can create practical dishes to sell on Etsy. The market is known for personal, unique, and handmade goods. Kara Lamerato, for example, sells a variety of vineyard-themed wedding decorations, including vineyard cork place card holders.

You can also sell print-on-demand and digital products on Etsy. The interesting thing here is that you can make things once and sell them over and over again without having to create something new each time.

On The Side Hustle Show, Rachel Jimenez revealed that she makes $10,000+ a month selling prints on Etsy.

These are digital downloads such as:

  • Meal plans
  • Financial models
  • wall art
  • Client registration form
  • Worksheet
  • And other things

Most are done in Canva or Microsoft Word. If you have some basic designs and are willing to research the most popular trends in the market, this can be a fun and rewarding activity.

19. Pet Sitting Services

For couples who love animals, consider starting a dog or pet boarding facility. If you already have a puppy (or two), adding another dog to the mix won’t be a lot of work. Rover is a platform to connect pet owners who need these services. Prices typically range from $30-$60 per night, with top owners paying $1,000 per month or more.

Pet Sitting Services

Working as a couple, you can handle more animals than as a single operator.

20. Voice Over Acting

Voiceover is usually a joint venture, but Dom and Nicole Draper of TheVoiceoverCouple.com is a family business. Aside from the startup, the couple now earn thousands of dollars a month from home. If you and your spouse have some experience in radio, podcasting, or acting, these are low-risk, low-cost startups.

Dom and Nicole landed their first gigs on Fiverr. Since then, she has landed a job with Voices.com and a talent of her own.

21. Photography and Videography

Photography is my wife’s hobby, and sometimes, I am assigned as her shooter or second assistant. We had two weddings together… and a very sweet 16th party with very rich guys.

For Vincent and Elizabeth Pugliese, paying more than $100,000 to photograph weddings and attend events is worth it. The couple were already real journalists – but they started using their skills for high-paying clients.

Prices depend on your information, client, and location, but can be $4,000 for a wedding or $400 for a family reunion.

22. Store Other People’s Stuff

Home renovations are a great way to keep your costs low, but as a couple, you may want some privacy. Another option to consider is Neighbor – a website and app that pays you to store other people’s belongings.

Store Other People’s Stuff

How it works: You rent out your extra space as:

  • How to drive a car
  • It is beneficial
  • Leave
  • Ceiling
  • In the Garage

Top community hosts also earn hundreds of dollars per month after the first download. See our neighborhood map for more information.

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What are the Best Side Hustles for Couples?

The best time for a couple to earn extra money depends on your interests, needs, and goals. For some couples, an argument may be justified. For some, it may seem like a nightmare.

I hope this list gets your creative energy flowing and introduces you to some new possibilities. For my wife and I, the biggest change in mindset happened when we embraced financial freedom as a team sport. We started working together on this goal, and he made all the small decisions the easier way.

Happy side Job!

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