Does Amazon Mechanical Turk pay in cash?

Can You Really Make Money on Amazon Mechanical Turk?

Although Amazon only takes 20-45% of every transaction there are hundreds of thousands of registered workers who keep coming to Amazon Mechanical Turk . The answer to this question is YES; however, with a few conditions. Amazon only pays its users when they have “completed” the MTurk task assigned to them by their employer (requester). If you are a new MTurk user, you will start with 50 cents for every HIT you receive and successfully submit. After that, your salary for each completed task will depend on the qualifications of the requester. Who posted the HIT, as well as other factors, including the time spent on the task, and also WAY below the minimum wage.

According to the Online Payments Research Guide, Amazon Mechanical Turk’s average hourly wage is $2.15 per hour. Which is roughly $7.80 per day, or less than the measly $290 per month at best. if you work 10-12 hours a day. tasks that are available in sufficient quantity! It will be below the minimum wage if someone actually pays their workers at MTurk that amount. So there is no reason why an employee should be paid such a meager wage when they can work full time and earn more elsewhere, even some other part-time job or freelancing sites like Upwork or Fiverr both of which pay more than AMT.

The Ugly Truth About Amazon Mechanical Turk Why You Should Think Twice Before Working on the Platform

In fact, Amazon Mechanical Turk workers must earn some minimum amount of money before they can withdraw it. The required amount is $50 and it is reduced by half of the total every month. You can read about why you shouldn’t work as a turkey in MTurk. on a regular basis, and if employers don’t find enough available workers or have already taken enough HITs for one day, then they’ll supposedly charge extra for the task from anyone who wants to complete it! So it should naturally be possible to earn from 50 cents an hour (at minimum wage) to $10 an hour, or even more if you’re very lucky.

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