Transcribing To Earn Money Translate Audio And Video 2024

Transcribing To Earn Money Translate Audio And Video into Text. Do you want to earn money on the Internet? You have plenty of opportunities to highlight the profits from the global network.

In this article, we Should Talk About: From Speech to Dollars The Art of Transcribing To Earn Money

we would like to talk about Transcribing To Earn Money by translating audio into text, which is gradually gaining popularity and is highly paid.

All sorts of lectures, audiobooks, instructions, all this can be translated to get a ready-made unique text. Who needs it? A huge number of employers almost every day replenish the lists of tasks with audio-to-text translations.

Even if you are a beginner, you have a chance to take on such work at any time. Naturally, your profit will depend on how much work you can handle.

Those Who can Type Quickly Have Great Potential to Earn Solid Money

What is Transcription And Who Pays For It?

No audio-to-text software can handle this task perfectly. Only a person can cope with this, and recordings are made at conferences, webinars, lectures and in many other cases. The demand for transcription services is high, but there are plenty of performers in this field.

Transcribing To Earn Money processing audio and video files does not require professional skills, even beginners can do it. The main difficulty is to find customers. No one wants to work with beginners, they choose experienced performers. Therefore, at the start, you have to underestimate prices or even work only for reviews and ratings.

Do not think that this type of earnings is the easiest. First, the requirements are different. Customers want to get high-quality text without errors in the output.

 Secondly, the quality of the recording comes across as extremely low. Thirdly, not everyone has enough patience and perseverance to translate even an hour of recording into text.

Transcription of Audio to Text, Where to Start And How to Work?

Converting audio to text is not a difficult job, but beginners get lost in the first steps. To get started, it’s worth a try, to open any video on YouTube and copy the text from dictation. This will help you evaluate your options. The scheme of earnings is not complicated, it consists of several stages:

  • Registration in services where orders for transcribtion appear.
  • Fill out the profile, entering payment details.
  • Finding suitable orders, and submitting applications.
  • Taking orders and processing audio or video files.
  • Delivery of the result to the customer and expectation of payment.
  • Receive funds to an internal account or direct transfer.

If you manage to gain a good reputation and properly integrate into this area, you can earn decent money. Professionals get more, plus when a lot of orders come in, they can be transferred to other freelancers and take their extra charge. How To Use ShareASale

Translate Audio Recording And Get Money

If you are interested in such work, then let’s look at where to find employers, as well as how to competently fulfill such orders.

Orders for translating audio files into texts can be found on freelance exchanges. We’ve only spent a few minutes checking out the available quests at the moment. We recommend using the following resources:

  • Work-Zilla: A remote earnings service that has many different tasks, including translating audio into text. On the main page, you can see the most recently completed tasks, here is one of them:
  • Weblancer: A popular freelance exchange that has existed since 2003. At the moment, 1675 projects are available, among which there are tasks with transcribtion of texts:
  • Fl en: This freelance exchange is used by 1,579,800 users, more than 30,000 projects are completed every month, and the average cost is 21,000 rubles. Work with translations of audio into text is also present among the tasks.
Translate audio recording and get money

Considering all these offers, you should have noticed that these projects are paid much higher than the same copywriting or rewriting. Also note that in one of the offers, which is in the example, stable work is indicated on a free schedule, and the payment is 600 rubles for the translation of 1 hour of audio. How much you translate an hour-long video is up to you, but even if it takes you a few hours, this is a great profit.

Other Sites Where Audio-To-Text Transcribtion is Ordered

You can find work with translating media files into text format using many different sites. Customers are looking for performers through various systems.

Transcribtion Work is Often Found Here:

  • YouDo: is an online service and mobile application where orders appear not only for remote work. In the “Virtual Assistant” section you will find suitable assignments. You will have to pay for sending applications.
  • Advego: On the copywriting exchange they rarely ask you to translate an audio file into text, but there is a lot of other work. It will be easier for beginners to find orders on this site, there are small assignments (such as signing up on social networks).
  • Freelancehunt: is a Ukrainian freelance exchange, a large and well-known project. Unlike its competitors, it does not ask to buy PRO accounts or pay for applications. Everything is free, look for customers and promote your profile.
  • Freelance jobs: The hallmark of this exchange is direct payment. After completing the order, the money is immediately transferred to your details, you do not pay a commission and there are no problems with further withdrawal of funds.
  • Freelance: orders to convert audio to text are common. One of the most popular remote work exchanges in Runet. Here you can also advertise your services.

The more services you use, the faster you will find customers. In addition, your profiles will be promoted in parallel, and ratings and reviews are extremely important for freelancers.

Where can I Offer Audio Text Translation?

Transcribtion is a full-fledged service, you can create ads on bulletin boards (like Avito) and wait for orders. However, it is better to use other projects for this format of work. In the field of freelancing, there is also something like message boards where performers offer their services:

You can create the same offers free on Kwork. Customers come here to find performers. The competition is tough, the most difficult at the start, but after completing several orders, the increase in new customers is tangible. Recently, a remote work exchange was added to this site:

Now here you can send requests for the execution of orders. Another project, Moguza, works in a similar way (the service is closed). Here ads are made in the same format “I can do TTT for NNN”. Naturally, this project is used by freelancers transcribing To Earn Money.

There are few customers here, and offers are received extremely rarely. But you don’t need to pay anything, to advertise your services, in addition to translating audio into text, you can think of something else – writing comments, voice acting for videos, copywriting, and so on.

Where Else Can You Find Clients?

Go beyond freelance exchanges because the competition is high and in some cases a small investment is required. Experienced freelancers find clients in many other ways. They use forums, video hosting sites, comments, offer real friends and, of course, through social networks:

Similar posts are found in all social networks, but the performer is found very quickly since everyone is ready to take on the transcribtion. To consistently receive orders, create a separate profile. It will be possible to upload a portfolio to it, place some kind of advertisement, and share thematic content:

Each professional has his platform, and if it is too difficult to create a website, then at least a page on social networks should be started. Just do not do as in this example, use a natural first and last name, an avatar (you may not use your own). This will inspire more confidence in potential customers.

Is it Profitable to Translate Audio into Text, How Much Can You Earn?

You can get a stable salary only if you get a permanent job. There are few similar offers on the network, as a rule, freelancers work on individual projects. Their pay varies greatly. In addition, it is not always possible to collect orders, there may be gaps. It remains only to rely on the reviews:

The average payment for 1 minute of translating audio or video into text is 10 rubles, for an hour 500 rubles. If you see offers with a lower reward, then it is better to refuse it. Can only be performed if reputation or positive reviews are required. In theory, having processed a 2-hour media file, it is realistic to get 1000 rubles for it. A lot also depends on how fast you can do such work.

Problems When Making Money on Transcribtion

Any work has its subtleties and nuances, the processing of audio and video files is no exception. Freelancers face all sorts of challenges, and it’s not just about transcribtion orders. Here are a few downsides to this activity:

  • Fraudsters: promise high rewards, attract newcomers, and talk about stable cooperation. In fact, after processing the material, they just throw it. They come up with reasons or just disappear.
  • The quality of the files: in some cases, it is so bad that it is generally impossible to make out what the announcer is saying. In addition, he can use stop words that must be skipped.
  • Deadlines: they cannot be broken, but it is simply impossible to set the exact time frame in advance. Bad recording, hardware problems, additional requirements. It is better to set an extended due date in advance.
  • Additional requirements: the text is often sent for revision, they are asked to break it into paragraphs, remove the words “parasites”, and carry out another formatting. Draw up a TOR, where all the conditions will be indicated, and then it will be easier to refuse unnecessary work.
  • Left-handed sites: launched by attackers, ostensibly to provide work. Under various pretexts, they extract money from the performers. Use only the above services.

Sometimes you have to sit without work, and other days you are overwhelmed with work. In earning freelance, this is a normal phenomenon and it is worth preparing for this. All those who know how to work with texts should also try their hand at copywriting.

Rules For Translating Audio or Video into Text

Only those who are ready to learn to make good money in Transcribing To Earn Money video and audio into text. It is impossible to reach a professional level right away, but you need to act like a real specialist.

Learn helpful tips:

  • look for the most profitable orders, do not take on work with low pay;
  • try to beautifully format the text, there will be a chance to get a regular customer;
  • correctly format the dialogues in the records, indicating the names of people;
  • when sending an application, come up with something interesting;
  • if the order is large, unsubscribe by the stages of its implementation;
  • ask questions more often to clarify trifles, then it is unlikely that you will have to finalize the text;
  • if you do not meet the deadlines, be sure to inform the customer about it;
  • improve your skills, learn to type quickly and correctly format text;
  • learn foreign languages, orders in English bring many times more profit;
  • take all orders, and if you do not have time, transfer them to other freelancers.

Converting audio to text can only be performed by a real person. When using programs and applications, the result is not of high quality. Keep this in mind, do not make the result the same as when using bots. Try to correctly format texts for customers and they will come back to you.

Now I would like to consider what you need to competently and quickly perform such work. The first thing to think about is choosing a suitable player for playing audio.

Transcribtion Software Express Scribe

Of course, you can use a standard audio player, but it doesn’t have a slow-motion feature, so we advise you to use

  • Express Scribe: In addition to a convenient and simple interface, this program can print text (bottom field).
  • Speechpad: The second handy tool for freelancers involved in translating audio to text is a notepad for speech input. The functionality of this service can be used online at
Transcription software Express Scribe

It is not difficult to use it, we click on “turn on the recording” and into the microphone we pronounce the words that should be translated into text. The program will automatically translate the text and you can copy it. Unfortunately, working with this program is not so easy, and quite often it gives errors.

Making money by translating audio to text is another way to make money from the comfort of your home. Try to translate a short video or a short audio recording, if you like it, and you can easily follow these steps, you can go for orders and take on work.

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