Earn Money Writing Texts Best Methods Services And Tips For Beginners

Hello dear readers! Earn Money Writing Texts Best Methods Services And Tips For Beginners. The Internet is a huge treasury of textual content. Just by opening the browser, you already see the text: news, promotional offers, product descriptions, movie and TV series announcements, comments, articles and much more. And on sites, especially informational ones, you can’t count such goodness.

Thousands of authors and copywriters are contributing to websites with content, and you can join this team. This article discusses making money writing texts, methods, and starting without investments, special skills, and knowledge. It suggests that almost anyone can write texts for money, but to earn a decent income, one must develop a creative beginning, competent written speech, a broad outlook, and perseverance.

Features of Making Money on Writing Texts

Text, along with photos and videos, is one of the three types of content through which users get the information they need. And most often it is textual material that is the main one on most sites, in communities on social networks, on forums, etc. And images and videos act as a supplement.

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Textwriting is a lucrative career option for those who want to earn money by creating unique articles, posts, reviews, or other types of text. Employers provide a topic, volume, keywords, and other nuances, and the performer creates a new unique text.

This can be used by website owners, manufacturers, advertisers, and bloggers. Texts for tests, essays, stories, poems, and original congratulations are in high demand. In the scientific field, translations of foreign scientists’ works are needed, and filmmakers need scripts.

Security measures for performers include working through exchanges and contacting the service administration in case of a conflict. However, direct interaction with customers on third-party sites can lead to employers taking the received text without paying or finding reasons why the work is not worth the promised reward. To avoid scams, it is recommended to take an advance payment, with experienced specialists demanding 100%, while beginners should ask for 50%.

Task Types

I have already touched a little on the types of tasks and texts, among which copywriting stands out more. It is he who immediately comes to mind when it comes to writing works to order. But there are other decent ways to make money.

I want to draw your attention to the fact that there are also mixed orders, when the customer asks to perform several types of tasks at once, for example, translation and editing of text, typing and rewriting. For such a “mix” of several types of tasks, you need to ask for higher payment.


Let’s start with the simplest. The performer just needs to retype the text into an electronic document from the source. Most often, an image, a screen, a web page of a site acts as a source of information, from where text cannot be copied. Such tasks are easy to perform, but are rare.

You can find orders on freelance exchanges . They pay either a flat rate or for 1,000 characters with or without spaces, as in copywriting and rewriting. For such activities, the skill of fast typing or even touch typing is useful.

Transcription of Audio And Video Material

Transcription is the process of translating audio and video recordings into text. It involves the performer listening and reprinting the information. This task is common for educational materials, scientific conferences, self-development trainings, films, and TV shows.

The text may need immediate editing due to differences in oral and written speech. The text should be readable and literate, unless absolute quoting is required. Payment is charged for the entire work, and the performer must have the skill of fast or blind typing. This method requires the ability to accurately quote phrases.

Transcription of Audio And Video Material

Writing Reviews

Writing reviews is a simple task that allows users to express their opinions on various products and services. There are two ways to write reviews: on review sites like Otzovik or IRecommend, or take orders for reviews. The first involves choosing a platform, registering, and sharing your experience on the site.

The theme, content, and volume can be determined at your discretion. Payment is charged for placement, 1,000 views, or both at once. The second option is to take orders for reviews, where the customer decides how, where, and how much to write. Employers may request reviews to be published on various platforms, and similar tasks can be found on exchanges. However, the review must be unique and not be taken as someone else’s work.

Writing Posts For Social Networks

Medium difficulty writing is a challenging task, with two main directions: writing advertisements and maintaining a social network community. Advertisements should catch readers and encourage them to buy or visit the site. Not all specialists are capable of this task.

Maintaining a community requires creating interesting posts related to one topic, such as news or films and series. Job opportunities can be found on exchanges, specialized job search sites, or in discussions within these communities.


Rewriting is a method of writing texts that involves rewriting the original source to create unique and meaningful articles. This involves using synonyms, changing word order, and simplifying complex phrases. Deep rewriting is used to prevent outsiders from recognizing the rewriting from another.

Rewriting is often used for news articles and posts, where the text must be unique for multiple sites at once. Beginners often start with rewriting, and after gaining experience and skills, they move on to copywriting. Both methods can be costly and time-consuming, making it crucial to choose the right approach for your writing needs.


Copywriting involves creating texts from scratch, with the specialist independently deciding on structure, sequence, and using their own experience. Third-party sources can be used for information, but cannot be rewritten. Choose topics you understand, such as medicine, health, or advice for parents. This ensures the text remains original and unique.

You Can Write Different Types of Work:

  • Press releases.
  • Landings.
  • Reviews of goods and services.
  • Advertisements.
  • Informative articles and much more.

SEO copywriting is a process of creating unique, unique content using keywords to increase an article’s search results and popularity. It involves a competent and natural insertion of keywords, considering factors like text water content, academic and classical nausea, and more. This process can be found on freelance and copywriting exchanges, social networks, and forums.

Sale of Finished Articles

Beginners in copywriting often struggle to make money, leaving unpaid articles and customers leaving. However, it’s important to not give up prematurely, as the finished work can be put up for sale. The author decides on the content and publishes it based on their own “Wishlist.” Copywriting exchanges and article stores offer sales sections, but only publish excerpts to prevent theft.

Young professionals often work for quantity, rewriting small articles without care for mistakes. Some even order text from beginners, paying them 10-15 rubles each, and reselling the work at a higher cost. It’s crucial to remember that the finished work can be put up for sale, so don’t give up prematurely.

Translation of Texts

Obviously, in order to translate texts, it is necessary to speak at least two languages ​​at a good level. Written language should be perfect. In addition, translators must observe the logic of presentation, preserve the meaning of the text, sometimes even verbatim, and not change the structure.

Despite the fact that translations from English are the most popular, a specialist who knows rare or difficult foreign languages ​​will pay more. For example, a translator from Chinese or Norwegian can earn more than a person who knows English or German.

Translation of Texts

Nevertheless, a translator from any language will be paid more than a copywriter, but subject to a high level of professionalism. You can find text translation tasks both on freelance and copywriting exchanges, and on special exchanges for translators, for example, Tranzilla , 2Polyglot , Perevod01 , Perevodchik .

Proofreading And Editing

This way of earning money does not quite fit the definition of “writing texts”, but even there specialists still work on texts. More specifically, they fix them. The proofreader does not change the style, meaning or structure of the article, but finds and corrects typos, spelling, punctuation and speech errors.

With such work, it is necessary to know the rules of the Russian language at a high level, to have perseverance and attentiveness, since, most likely, large volumes of texts will have to be corrected. Editors also correct errors in articles. They perform the work of proofreaders and a number of editing duties:

  • stylistic and factual errors.
  • presentation logic.
  • registration in accordance with the all-Russian rules, if it is an official document, or the requirements of the customer.
  • other shortcomings and blots in the text.
  • Usually proofreaders and editors take large orders or work for one or two regular customers. Jobs can be found on exchanges or specialized online recruiting services.


Writing can be a significant source of income, especially if you have a fresh idea, competent expression of thoughts, deep characters, a catchy plot, and a clear story. However, it requires careful planning, cover design, proofreading, editing, and funding for promotion and printing. You can publish your work independently or with a publisher, which requires investments and may not be accepted.

Despite these challenges, the potential income is substantial, and a successful book can even be filmed. Experience and achievement can be a strong argument for a text-related job. Writers can also create greetings, storytelling articles, and share their experiences with young authors through trainings, seminars, and online lessons.

Scenario Services

You can create scripts for any purpose: from describing the course of an event, such as a wedding or a children’s party, to video scripts for bloggers. Of course, scripts are needed for films and TV shows. It will be very difficult for beginners to get such a job, because this requires knowledge and skills. For example, if you take screenwriting courses , most online schools will offer to interview with partner companies after training.

The volume of work for specialists is usually large: at least 10 pages, and sometimes even more. And most often, screenwriters are hired for permanent work.

Create a Blog

In order not to look for customers and not play by their rules, you can create your own blog and work for yourself. So you yourself will control the volume, subject matter, content and content of the articles. In this case, it will be possible to earn money by placing ads and affiliate programs.

Creating a website is easy, but you have to get confused. To avoid unnecessary waste of effort, time and money, you can create a channel on Yandex.Zen and earn money with it. It’s easier than creating a new platform and promoting it.

Order Search

There are three strategies for finding customers: working on exchanges, independent search and offering services, and creating a business card site. Exchanges are run by beginners with no experience, offering security but high commissions and low payment.

Experienced copywriters prefer to search for clients by sending resumes and portfolios. Independent search allows setting payment amounts, but there’s a risk of scammers. Business card sites are suitable for experienced professionals, but only if the site is promoted or the copywriter is known in their circles.

Freelance Exchanges

Freelance exchanges are good because they provide a huge selection of diverse tasks that you can take on and complete at any time of the day. Also, often on such sites they find regular customers and do not suffer with the search for new ones.

How to work on the stock exchanges:

  • the user registers on the site as a performer;
  • adds a portfolio, if available and if the service allows it;
  • looking for a suitable order;
  • reads the terms of reference;
  • responds to an ad: leaves an application or immediately takes to work;
  • fulfills the order;
  • waiting for verification;
  • makes changes, if so desired by the customer;
  • receives payment.
  • The most popular and trusted platforms are:

Kwork . Some freelancers call this particular service the leader among similar ones. The site is interesting in that it looks like a showcase where job offers and services are located. That is, specialists write their price and indicate what work they are ready to perform at this cost.


A good web resource, but newbies are scared away by the need for a paid subscription. If it is nevertheless issued, then the performers have access to many tasks of varying complexity. Available types of work such as transcription, translation, writing posts, reviews and comments, orders for articles and many others. In addition, before starting work, you still need to pass a small verification test.


A time-tested site, which is characterized by proposals for long-term cooperation. Copywriters can find work in the corresponding section “Copywriting”.


One of the largest exchanges on which fierce competition reigns. Only experienced authors with a decent portfolio can “break through” on the site. It will be difficult for beginners to find a job.


If you know a foreign language, you can try your hand at a foreign freelance exchange. This is a large platform with many customers who offer both hourly rates and a fixed amount for the entire project.


Another “foreigner” on the list. There are also many open tasks on this exchange, but the competition does not sleep. The main backbone of the performers are old-timers who have been earning money on this site for several years now.


Although this is not an exchange, I would still like to mention this service. Performers before starting work should tell in detail about their skills, abilities, education, etc. You also need to indicate your specialty. This is the only way to get a good order. On the site you can find both a one-time job and regular customers.


A platform where you can find a lot of orders related to writing various kinds of texts. In addition, you can find tasks from other areas. The exchange pays above average, but the competition is tough here, so you need to somehow stand out from your rivals.

Copywriting Exchanges

These sites are highly specialized. They employ 90-95% of copywriters. Customers offer the highest prices for specific or complex niches. They can be, for example, articles on technical, financial, medical or legal topics.  The customer must attach the terms of reference to the advertisement.

It signs the volume, structure, keys and other nuances. The cost can be for 1,000 characters with or without spaces, for the entire work, no matter how big or small it gets. On copywriting exchanges, you can not only take orders for articles, but also sell ready-made texts. For this, most sites have a separate section “Article Store”.

The most famous copywriting exchanges today:


A web platform where performers have a personal rating. It depends on how expensive an order a user can take to work. Beginners will have to complete the cheapest tasks at first in order to earn a rating, after which they can already take on higher-paying tasks. The site has a user-friendly design and great functionality.


On this exchange, beginners can take simple and inexpensive tasks to build a portfolio and increase their rating. Before work, I advise you to take a literacy test. This will make it possible to take orders at a higher price. You can also pass an exam to improve your skills, which will also be a plus for customers.


This large and well-known site, although it belongs to copywriting exchanges, you can find many simple tasks on it that are not related to writing texts. Competitors are on the alert, and it will be extremely difficult for a beginner to get a good order. Nevertheless, all sorts of tasks and activities are available to performers: from transcription and writing reviews to translation and editing.


A good exchange, the main advantage of which is that the performers do not have to wait for the approval of their candidacy. The copywriter simply takes the order to work, completes it, sends it for verification and waits for payment. But if the user fails, the administration of the service will be on the side of the customer. Therefore, I advise you to carefully read the terms of reference for the announcement and only then proceed with the task.


An exchange that is more suitable for the name “article store”. On the site, you can buy or sell a finished text at a low cost. Artists can put up for sale works that the customer refused and which still have nowhere to go, or purposefully write articles on current topics and sell them.

A few tips for working on copywriting exchanges:

  • Read the rules of the site, as often in the process of work you have to deal with nuances, due to which the rating is removed or a fine is charged.
  • When applying, write clearly and in detail why you should be chosen. You need to convince the potential client of your usefulness and competence.
  • Study the terms of reference to understand whether you can handle such an order or not. A mistake can lead to negative reviews and lower ratings.
  • Follow deadlines. Perhaps you will get a regular customer if the customer likes you.
  • Create quality work, otherwise the customer may simply refuse it, and you will be left without payment.
  • Collect a portfolio and positive reviews, because without them a beginner cannot break through on the stock exchange.
  • Do not be afraid to ask the client controversial questions. It is better to take a little time from the customer than to redo the work later.
  • Pay attention to the customer profile. If he has negative reviews, it is quite possible that he will be difficult to work with. I think it’s better to refuse to work with a problem client.

Communities in Social Networks

Customers can be found on social networks for job searches, but contractors may face fraud due to the lack of security in direct cooperation. It is recommended to ask for an advance payment of 50 or 100%, and if the customer refuses, find another copywriter. A portfolio can also be a guarantee of quality.

Another way of fraud is when a client asks for a trial unpaid assignment to check the copywriter’s skill, only to disappear after the test. Test texts should be small, between 1 to 2 thousand characters. Social networks like VKontakte and Telegram are leaders in job search, with groups like “Overheard Copywriting” and “Copywriting / Rewriting” on VKontakte.

Own Business Card Site

I advise experienced and fairly well-known copywriters to create their own business card website. On it you need to place:

  • information about yourself;
  • portfolio with examples of the best work;
  • contacts with pages on the social network, mail and phone number;
  • price list.
  • So customers will be able to independently find a copywriter and offer a job.
  • Beginners can also create a similar platform and give a link to it to potential employers.

How Much Can You Earn

The cost of an article depends on factors like order complexity, topic, volume, and author’s professionalism. It’s difficult to determine the potential income level, as it’s individual. A beginner may earn 10,000 rubles, but a full-time writer can earn 20-50 thousand rubles after six months or a year. Translators can reach this faster.

How much can you earn

For the simplest tasks, for example, writing reviews or transcribing video and audio recordings, they will pay no more than 7,000 rubles per month. Writers, screenwriters, and blog owners have a lot of options open to them. Their earnings can exceed 100, 200 and 300 thousand rubles. provided that their work will appeal to the mass user.

PROS And CONS of Activity


  • It is not at all necessary to have a higher education to start working. It is enough to take online courses on
  • writing texts , read specialized literature and learn in the process. If you go through step-by-step training on a specialized copywriting course , then you can start earning already in the process.
  • Anyone can master the profession, regardless of age, social status or education.
  • Minimum interaction with the customer. He practically does not control the work of the performer.
  • There is career growth and the opportunity to earn more.
  • Free schedule, in which you can independently decide when and how much to work.


  • Specialists must have perseverance and self-organization, otherwise it will not work effectively and productively.
  • There is a big risk of stumbling upon scammers.
  • It is difficult for beginners to break through and earn large sums.
    Passive lifestyle.


To earn money translating texts, take copywriting training or learn foreign languages. Collect a portfolio and provide it to customers. This profitable activity can pay higher than the average Russian income. Support the iklife.ru blog and subscribe to the newsletter for new publications. Best of luck!

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