How To Make Money on 2d Animation 2024? [Top Best Ways]

How To Make Money on 2d Animation? Once upon a time, an animator like you could earn a living, and afford a house, a spouse, and a dog. And even two children from one animator job in one place!

There is no need for side jobs or nights when you lie in bed and think about ways to earn extra money. You’re just looking for your style and getting your wings ready to leave the nest. And you’re already looking for digital jobs and other ways to make money as animators.

How To Make Money on 2d Animation 2024? [Top Best Ways]

Why Animators Work on The Side

You can find an endless list of articles on how some animators. And other artists have used their free time to develop their style and work on their creativity.

Unfortunately, the truth is that many animators are forced to revise their terms of employment. It is generally agreed that most animator salaries have proven to be insufficient.

This is nothing new – how can we keep pushing creative high school students to dig into perpetual student loans only to end up flipping hamburgers with their animation diplomas?

Not only has the lockdown resulted in the loss of many jobs, but the Great Recession has already forced Millennials and early Gen Z job seekers to start in the background.

The Great Recession meant some of the worst job-hunting conditions since the Depression. This has resulted in higher levels of debt, lower starting wages, and fewer job opportunities for animators entering the job market at any time after 2008.

What other option is there but to take your animation career into your own hands? One way to take charge of your income is to use a digital part-time job that uses the amazing talents you already have.

One of the differences between the effects of the Great Recession and the pandemic is that a hustle culture is emerging among the younger generation. A survey by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals a sad reality: In January 2021, 15% of Generation Z were unemployed compared to 9% of millennials. And the animation was hit as hard as any other market.

Side Hustle Shenanigans: How Gen Z is Shaking Up the Gig Economy with Part-Time Passions

Believe it or not, the term “side job” has been around since the 1950s! People have had to increase their income since time immemorial or something like that. Can you imagine Disney animators selling little Mickey birthday cards as part-time jobs? Probably not, but I can see it perfectly.

Any service or product that you sell to pay for something that your main job can’t cover is considered a side job.  The etymology of the word “hustle” is also pretty cool – it comes from an early Dutch word meaning “shake”. 

A SunTrust survey of more than 2,000 American adults found that 64% of millennials had some sort of part-time job and were earning an average of $10,972 a year.

You Can Also Check: Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk)

If you look at the number of Gen Z artists and animators on TikTok, YouTube, and Etsy, it’s clear that part-time culture is a second language at the moment. When Etsy decided to buy Depop, of course, they had their eyes on that sweet, sweet 90% Gen Z demographic.

You hear all the time that a career as an animator isn’t viable, but BLS will stand its ground. The median annual income of fine art artists, according to a survey in 2020, was $49,120, with the top 10 percent earning over $112,930! Yeah. Earn Money Writing Texts

With so many animators outsourcing or creating their platforms, it’s easy to see that surprisingly high animator salaries can be achieved if you keep all the right balloons in the air.

Benefits of Online Animation

This may all look a little doomed and bleak, but gosh, you’ve drawn the winning card in the digital age. Animators and other digital artists have already had a hand in the boom in online part-time jobs.

How To Make Money on 2d Animation 2024? [Top Best Ways]

Those in the “safe” jobs their mom insisted they learn (like a lawyer, accountant, etc.) struggle to find a way to translate the skills they need to “survive in the real world.” into what consumers like. I enjoy paying online.

As an animator, you are well aware that you take your knowledge of shape, shape color. And line and apply it to create artwork that simply blows people’s minds. You may not realize that your ability to present the finished product is something that the average bear doesn’t have.

You see, you can use your basic design skills to create merchandise for online celebrities as an easy but lucrative side job – badges, stickers, shirts, and even plushies are selling right and left. What you may not realize is that your ability to plan, experiment with new ideas, and evaluate costs can mean the difference between successful part-time jobs or just a part-time hobby.

Unleash Your Inner Animator 9 Traits of Successful Freelance Artists

Ian McCaig, who demonstrated his outstanding character design skills in Star Wars, says this about why artists succeed: it’s impossible to be in the right place at the right time with the right things.”

When you’re running your own animation business, you must build what’s already available to you. Skillshare believes that there are 9 qualities that all great artists have. These character traits can be described as perseverance, passion, curiosity, and flexibility.

If you can show your passion for animation, be open to learning and new opportunities, be prepared to adjust. Your animation business when things don’t work out the first time. And most importantly, KEEP GOING NO matter what.

The reason why you won’t succeed. The client will never want to pay for a service or product that he can provide himself. The fact that there are so many part-time jobs and part-time jobs available for animators shows how important you are to the growing landscape of online life.

The most important skill that you as a part-time animator have, and that every potential client requires, is Artistic Sense. suggests that Artistic Sense is a skill that allows an artist to trust their intuition.

How many million-dollar ideas are left lying on the cutting room floor because no one had the vision to bring to life an idea that seemed naive?  Your artistic vision as an animator allows you to approach every problem from an original point of view. You can achieve extraordinary results because you see value that others don’t.

How To Make Money On 2d Animation 2024? [Top Best Ways]

Online Animation You Can Try!

The list of part-time jobs is completely exhaustive. Since no rule determines what can and cannot be profitable as a part-time job on the Internet.

The job opportunities for animators are only limited by your imagination and your ability to predict what the market wants. Let’s look at some of them that can spark your creativity:

5 Most Common Part-Time Jobs For Animators

Create An Animation Channel on YouTube

Some so many animators have a huge number of subscribers on YouTube for whom their channel is the main source of income. Unfortunately, this is desperately time consuming and you are always at the mercy of the dreaded algorithm. Ultimately, this is a great way to make money online.

Patrons on Patreon

You can’t imagine the impact Patreon has had on the animation community. The amount that Patreon paid out to its backers by the end of 2017 was $250 million. No wonder every artist and their mom has a Patreon page.

Offer Your Animation Services on

Launched in 2005, very few would have imagined that would eventually have over 1.8 million sellers! The seller profit range is from $8.50 to $5,000 per month, with an average of $291.

Find Clients on Fiverr

If you’ve ever wondered why it’s called Fiverr at all. It’s because when the website first launched, all gigs were originally $5. This is no longer the case as the average hourly rate on Fiverr is $59 an hour, which is a pretty good salary for a part-time animator.

Become An Animation Tutor

If you are uniquely talented and well-versed in your craft. There is no reason why you shouldn’t help inspire students to become great animators as part of a side job.

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