How To Make Money With 5 Money Making Apps

Can’t Work a 2nd Job? Earn Passive Income With These 5 Genius Phone Apps Instead

Money Making Apps extra, as you know, does not happen. Therefore, many people are looking for part-time jobs or ways of passive income. But how to increase your income if there is not enough time and energy for a full-fledged second shift, and there is no initial capital or knowledge for investments? In this case, a smartphone can become a source of income; mainly, we are talking about models on Android.

Dozens of applications remain available for Russians in the Play Market, allowing them to receive money for viewing ads and leaving reviews and likes. The correspondent of “Secret” tested five hyped applications for making money. And this is what came out of it.


  • Job Variety: High.
  • Difficulty: different; there are simple tasks, but there are more difficult ones where you need to read long instructions.
  • Earnings: low.
  • The convenience of withdrawing money: extremely inconvenient.

One of the most famous applications for making money from a smartphone in Russia. Customers (as a rule, this is Yandex itself) load hundreds of tasks into it. Most of them are needed to improve the performance of the search engine, train neural networks, and develop other projects of the Internet giant, such as drones.

Money is promised for completing tasks. The ad on the first page of the app claims that active users earn up to $20 in the first week. This is about 1615 rubles. How much can you earn in one day? I’m trying.

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How To Start Working in Yandex.Toloka

To start working with the application, you will need a “Yandex ID” – a single account on Yandex. You can get it through Yandex.Toloka itself. When registering, you must select the language you want to receive assignments.

You also need to confirm whether you are over 18 years old – no documents are needed; the developers take their word for it. If you click “yes,” you may encounter tasks from the 18+ category. Thus, you can earn, for example, by viewing erotic pictures.

What are The Tasks in Yandex?Toloka

All tasks in Yandex. Toloka is divided into two types: some can be done while walking, while others can be done while sitting at home. There are a lot of tasks; you can choose according to your taste. For example, you can take a brand recognition test. Pictures with sneakers, t-shirts, and other clothes from different manufacturers pop up on the screen.

You have to guess which item is from whom. Or, suppose you are asked to check the dialogue for adequacy. In particular, during the tests, the following dialogue came across: “Shoot me.” – “Bang Bang”. – “Missed.” – “You’ll get in.” The last answer is considered inadequate; it is out of place.

Minus – Many of The Tasks Can Only be Started After Completing The Training

 It’s free, but it will take some extra time. The second big disadvantage is that you must pass an exam after completing the training to be admitted to several tasks. If you fail it, the tasks you studied and passed the tests will become inaccessible. Trying To Make Money in Yandex.Toloka So, I choose the task – “Moderation of photos of drivers.” Yandex.

Toloka offered to look at photos of taxi drivers and choose whether everything was in order with them. You must also indicate where the photo was taken – in the car, studio, or elsewhere. The task involves a little training – this is an instruction for classifying photos and a test. To complete it, you need to separate the photos suitable for the task from those not.


It sounds simple, but there are nuances. For example, darkened photographs and photographs with a protruding tongue are immediately rejected. But suitable photos also need to be sorted. For example, you need to write where they were made – in a car, studio, or on a plain background. As it turned out, a studio is not an apartment but a photography studio – that is, the photos must be taken by a professional photographer. 

Since I didn’t know this initially, I lost points – I have to take the test again. One test takes approximately 10 minutes. Finally, all tasks are completed, and I am admitted to paid tasks. I decided to put them aside for later.

However, after an hour, I realize the photo is getting smaller and smaller. The tasks displayed on the screen are a kind of exchange. And if there are enough performers right now, the tasks disappear – they are sorted out.

My First Pennies Earned on Toloka The Ups and Downs of Microtask Crowdworking

I’m left with nothing. You have to go through other training. The choice falls on checking search queries. You also need to pass the test, which takes a few minutes. Yandex. Toloka offers a part of the search query, for example, “Camera fines for violation.” And then there is a separate continuation, say, “where to look” or “how to choose.” You have to choose whether it fits or not.

I pass the test quite quickly – in about eight minutes. It was completed without errors, so I was immediately admitted to paid tasks. Each takes about 15 minutes. I am doing it. As it turned out, it was also successful – the first income came to my Toloka account: $0.01. Or one and a half rubles.

True, it turned out to be quite difficult to remove them. This can only be done through specific payment systems – Papara, Payoneer, and the more familiar Qiwi. As it turned out, for people in Russia, only withdrawing money to a Qiwi wallet is suitable.

Papara is a Turkish payment system, and Payoneer is an American one. They are intended for Russians who have gone abroad and continue to love Toloka. I have yet to withdraw money since I do not have a wallet on Qiwi. As it turned out, I could not: the minimum amount for withdrawal is $0.02.


  • Job Variety: Low.
  • Difficulty: very simple; you need an account with photos on VKontakte or Instagram.
  • Earnings: low.
  • The convenience of withdrawing money: there may be difficulties with the withdrawal.

The Getlike earning app positions itself as a micro-task exchange. Startup was founded in 2020; the information about the developers indicates an office in Bali.

The interface is simple: on a separate panel – the job exchange; on the other – the account balance; on the third – your account. On another tab are those tasks that you have already selected.

How To Get Started With Getlike

You can download the app on Google Play. The first step is to sync your social media account. To do this, you need to log into your account and, through the application, go to the page of one of the users and like it under the photo. After that, synchronization will automatically take place.

What Are The Tasks in Getlike

In the application, you can get simple tasks if you have an account on VKontakte or Instagram. All of them are associated with gray cheat methods. That is, you get paid money for adding someone as a friend, for likes, and for joining different groups.

The developers say earnings depend on the speed of completing tasks, at least on Instagram. For one task, you can get from 0.02 to 0.1 rubles.


Trying To Make Money With Getlike

First, you need to choose which social network you will perform tasks on. I chose the Russian one because the American one is forbidden here. I add a cosmetologist as a friend – with photos of how she can do eyelashes. Then I get 8 cents for this. Next comes a series of similar tasks. It is necessary to subscribe to different new communities.

I join the city group of Kazan, a group of ATV lovers, and a workgroup for welders and turners. I also subscribe to a group of furniture factories, trampoline centers, and movie lovers.

In about ten minutes, earning 1 ruble and 45 kopecks is possible. At the same time, bots begin to write to me personally. I decide to stop and try to withdraw money. But it turns out that this cannot be done; you can withdraw at least 100 rubles.

Many users complain in reviews of Getlike that even large amounts cannot be withdrawn: it is at this moment that the program often starts to generate errors.


  • Job Variety: Low.
  • Difficulty: very simple; you need an account with photos on VKontakte or Instagram.
  • Earnings: it, as it turned out, is not.
  • The convenience of withdrawing money: they cannot be withdrawn, but this needs to be immediately reported in the application.

The Bosslike app is similar to Getlike. It positions itself as a service for promoting accounts. This is still the same gray cheat method. In the application, you can like and add friends from your accounts in the already mentioned social networks.

The interface is a complete copy of the Getlike interface. All four tabs – with tasks, selected tasks, balance, and profile. The only difference is that asterisks will come to the balance instead of rubles – Bosslike’s internal currency.

How To Get Started With Bosslike

This is easy; the algorithm is the same as Getlike’s. We synchronize accounts in social networks with an account in the application and start earning. If you have no photos with you in your account and few friends, synchronization will not work.


What Are The Tasks in Bosslike

There are five types of tasks in total. You can leave comments, subscribe to users, like, repost, take part in voting, and write reviews. For one completed task, they promise from 30 to 40 stars. How much it is in rubles, the service does not explain.

Trying To Make Money in Bosslike

So, first, we subscribe to an influencer’s page – a teacher of oratory. He posted a bunch of training videos. And on the wall, there is a tutorial. After that, the application offers to subscribe to a novice rapper. In the photographs, he poses in balaclavas and masks; in the video, he uploads his clips. He already has 4,500 subscribers; however, most likely, most of them were obtained through the same cheats.

After that, I signed up for a group of realtors, an online clothing store that does not hide the fact that it buys it from the Sadovod market, a strange user who advertises Carnegie books. For all this, I earned 120 stars. Nowhere in Bosslike is it specified what can be done with them next. I had to google.

As it turned out, points cannot be exchanged for rubles but can be used to wrap your page. The application’s authors have created a perpetual motion machine – some users wind up other people’s accounts for others to wind up their own. If there are not enough points for cheating, you can buy them through the application.


  • Job Variety: Low.
  • Difficulty: very simple; you need to scan the receipt.
  • Earnings: low.
  • The convenience of withdrawal of money: could not be tested.

Qrooto is a cashback service. The application promises you can scan any check and get cashback. Allegedly, cashback is credited after purchases in the Magnit or Perekrestok retail chains and in Russian stores.

How To Get Started With Qrooto

Just install the application; it is in Google Play. Register here; for this, you need an email. The interface is simple; the application has an online scanner, a separate tab for the profile, and a purchase log – all purchases from scanned checks are displayed there.

What Are The Tasks in Qrooto

To get cashback, you need to manually scan a check or enter data from it. There are no other earning opportunities in the application.

Trying To Make Money in Qrooto

So, I’m scanning a grocery receipt at a brick-and-mortar grocery store near my house. In total, 837 rubles were spent, and in this application for earning, it immediately automatically displays which goods I purchased. I’m checking my wallet.

The money must be transferred there as points that can be exchanged for rubles. Ten points is 1 ruble. The application says you can withdraw them to a card, cell phone, YuMoney, or Qiwi.

Trying To Make Money in Qrooto

But I can’t withdraw anything; for some reason, my account is empty after scanning the receipt. Qrooto does not say exactly when the funds will be credited. Therefore, you have to refer to the experience of other users. Cashback is not given for everything; the check must contain a premium product covered by the promotion.

If it is not there, there is no cashback. Also, in the reviews, many complain that recently the application has been working poorly and often does not charge cashback for purchases, even in online stores, and the conversion and conditions for withdrawing funds are unfavorable there. Thus, earnings here amounted to 0 rubles.


  • Job Variety: Low.
  • Difficulty: low. You need to pass the survey.
  • Earnings: low.
  • The convenience of withdrawing money: extremely inconvenient.

This app is for taking surveys. For each survey, you can get the internal currency – gold, whichcan then be exchanged for rubles as they promise, .

How To Get Started With Anketka

The interface of the application is quite simple. There is a tab with a balance where you can cash out money. There are three ways to transfer them to a card, Qiwi wallet, or mobile phone.

Another tab allows you to exchange earned gold for real goods. For example, Yandex. Station Light costs 6000 gold, and the Redmond multicooker costs 8000 gold.

What Are The Tasks in Anketka

There are four types of tasks in this earning application. “Profile surveys” are thematic surveys, for example, about travel, health, and cars. Each one has 2 minutes to complete.

They pay $10 to complete the survey. You can also go through some other simple “surveys.” It was impossible to check what they were; this column had no actual tasks.

The third type of task is “quick polls.” In this section, I came across two surveys – about hobbies and social networks. What reward they receive is not specified. As it turned out later, it does not exist at all.

And finally, the fourth type of task is the invitation of friends. They should be called to Anketka. Each friend can be “sold” for 15 rubles. Not even thirty pieces of silver.


Trying To Make Money in Anketka

To begin with, I decided to quickly quiver about social networks. The first question concerns Instagram; I am asked which bloggers I follow there. I reply that I don’t have an account. The tab is closed, and a window pops up that the survey has been completed. Nothing is credited to my account. I may have been left from the poll because I don’t have an Instagram account.

I decide to take a second hobby survey. The first question is, what field do I work in? Journalism is chosen by me, and the survey was completed again; there was no income. Thus, more money is needed for these surveys by me – perhaps because journalists are prohibited from participating. Why they are needed also needs to be clarified – perhaps this is how the application developers are trying to make a portrait of their users.

I have to take a longer survey; I choose the topic of travel.They ask me how many times I flew on an airplane last year. They also ask me what language I speak. I can only answer about seven questions in two minutes.

For this survey, I get my first earnings – 10 rubles. This may be the largest earnings of all the tested applications. However, I can’t cash it out; I need to accumulate 1000 rubles in my account to withdraw money. It will be challenging to earn that much in the app.

From the available tasks, there were six more of the same polls for 10 rubles each. You could also invite 30 friends and earn another 450 rubles. To do this, of course, will be much more difficult than taking a survey. How long it takes for new tasks to appear in Anketka is also still being determined.


As a result, during the day of testing five applications to make money, I raised 12 rubles and 15 kopecks. And I couldn’t get anything out. Yes, I did not sit in applications for a whole day or perform offline tasks in Yandex.Toloka.

Also, I did not test services that promise earnings for installing other applications since there is a high probability of catching a virus. And most likely, even if you try everything that Google Play now offers, you will definitely get small online earnings in 2023.

However, you are likely to need help with the withdrawal of funds. We took only the most popular applications for making money, but there are many similar ones, and something may be malicious or fraudulent.

The latter include disguised mining applications, online lotteries or casinos, and NFT games. There you can not only earn but also lose. According to developers and cybersecurity experts, such ways of earning have more risks than possible profit.

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