How to Sell on Redbubble and Make Money 2024

Getting started with online sales is easy and risk-free if you Sell on Redbubble. It’s simple and cheap to launch, requiring only the creation of artwork to be printed on T-shirts and other items. In addition, once you have designs ready to submit to your redbubble store, you can sell dozens of things in a matter of hours.

This post is for you if you’re interested in opening a Redbubble shop. I’ll show you how to register for a Redbubble account, how to upload your designs, and how to use social media to market your Redbubble wares.

What is Redbubble?

Redbubble is a print-on-demand platform that allows creatives to sell merchandise with their own designs. The platform allows buyers to choose a design, and the product is printed with the design on demand. This business model allows for the sale of multiple products with your designs without the need for large pre-printed items. Redbubble pays a commission if a design is purchased, but the artwork must be created by the artist.

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Print-on-demand is a rapidly growing business model for online merchants, allowing them to produce customized items like T-shirts, phone cases, pillows, hats, and shower curtains. This allows them to focus on advertising and product development, while allowing third-party fulfillment services to handle shipping and delivery. Serial ecommerce entrepreneur Adrian Morrison offers free training on how to build a print-on-demand store for success.

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Redbubble account setup

Click the “Sign Up” button on the redbubble homepage to set up your account. For the website, create a username and password. by entering your email address. The next step is to decide on a name for your redbubble shop. If you make a mistake when entering your user name, you will have to start over and re-register.

What should you name your store?

Many people just use their first name, but you can also go with an artist tag if you have one, such as deniart or doodlebymeg. After signing up, update your profile with an avatar and store cover image. You can also add a short bio to tell your clients more about yourself. Don’t skip this part; it’s an opportunity to connect with potential customers and sell your story.

Launch of the Redbubble Store and Sell on Redbubble

Once you create a profile, you’ll need to enter billing information and connect your social media accounts. You’ll need to provide your full name, address, and payment method. You can deposit funds into your bank account instead of a verified PayPal account. You may also be asked tax-related questions specific to your country. Once you’ve registered and entered your payment details, you can upload designs and display products for sale.Redbubble account setup

Put up your Redbubble artwork and Sell on Redbubble

The author advises choosing a specific market to sell into, establishing a brand, and attracting customers for a successful print-on-demand venture. They suggest not just a few attractive layouts, but also focusing on establishing a long-lasting business and a consistent brand. This approach ensures a consistent and successful business, rather than relying on random designs.

The size and format of the illustration.

Redbubble recommends a picture size of 9075 × 6021 pixels, while smaller photos can be uploaded with at least 1000 pixels along one side. However, smaller images may reduce the selection of products on your website. PNG format is recommended for professional use, as it has a translucent backdrop. If a blue t-shirt image is used as the validation template, only a black circle on a blue background appears.

How to upload your art design to Redbubble

To upload a design to Redbubble, navigate to the Artists Tools dashboard under your profile settings. Click “Add Projects” on the left, choose an image from your hard drive, and click “Open.” Fill in a few blanks, such as creating a compelling title, adding tags, and detailing a detailed description.

You’ll see your design in various product renderings, which can be modified and personalized to your liking. Patterns made from illustrations are another option for visual variety. You can choose not to sell items that don’t align with your vision. Complete the copyright disclaimer and finalize your product edits at the bottom of the page. The design process is complete, and the goods will be sent to your shop in about fifteen minutes.

Product layouts to Sell on Redbubble

A grid of mocked-up product screenshots based on your design will appear below the description of your concept. You can use these pictures to advertise your goods on social media by downloading them from the three-button menu.

The creative process and success on Redbubble

Signing up for Redbubble and uploading your first design to sell is a breeze. It’s so simple that a child could do it. Unfortunately, this convenience also brings about new issues.

Since thousands of designers have already uploaded thousands of designs, it may be difficult for your products to stand out from the crowd. You’ll need a steady stream of sales, so make a lot of fresh, interesting designs.

How To Upload Your Art Design To Redbubble

Strive to upload many designs.

When asked to list their designs, successful designers typically cite dozens, if not hundreds. I suggest you aim for production volume, and post at least one new layout per day. On Redbubble, this vendor has amassed 17,000 sold items.

He now has 2,200 designs available for purchase and just started making daily purchases after posting 1,000 designs. It’s a numbers game, as yet another prosperous Redbubble vendor attests. In addition, she has found that 20% of her efforts generate 80% of her earnings (the “80/20 principle”).

Your projects do not require artistic talent.

A standardised procedure might free you up to concentrate on aesthetics during construction. The chestify Redbubble shop features 139 slogan-only designs. This style of artwork is simple to duplicate.

Once you’ve figured out the process, you can crank out multiple designs per day to add to your portfolio. Here are two places to look if you need help deciding what kinds of things you want to make.

Redbubble Product Research

Redbubble’s daily trends are shown on Bubbletrends, and you can choose an archived date to see what was popular then. The Redbubble Top Sellers page is the second spot to keep an eye on. You may look at the overall best-sellers or narrow it down to a specific category, such as “T-shirts,” to discover what people are buying the most of. Spending a few hours here should give you a sense of what’s trending on Redbubble.

Another approach to design: respond quickly to events.

“Was there a T-shirt” – Some people enjoy donning T-shirts bearing catchphrases regarding the latest fads or events. Products that sell might be inspired by anything from politaics to celebrity scandals to global events.

How to sell on Redbubble and maximize your sales

Maximize the number of products to sell

The more designs you publish to Redbubble, the more probable it is that someone will buy your products. You shouldn’t just pile on the uploads; optimise your efforts across as many goods as you can.

Maybe you think no one would appreciate a watch depicting a coffee cup, but you could be surprised. It would be a mistake to merely sell stickers and t-shirts once you’ve uploaded your design, so take the time to optimise each product on your redbubble page so that the design appears exactly right.

Building collections

To keep your various side ventures organised under your main brand, but still accessible to your target audience, consider making use of collections. Collections are a fantastic method to display and categorise your products, making it simple for customers to browse through your whole portfolio. You may get even more exposure for your wares by highlighting select collections on your page.

Optimize Your Commission levels

Redbubble, a business, benefits from each product sale. The retail price of a product is determined by its commission rate, which represents the percentage of sales. By default, each product has a 20% commission rate.

However, reducing the fee to 10% can decrease the T-shirt price and profit. To remain competitive, some retailers advise keeping prices steady at or below 20%, while others argue against reducing the commission rate. This decision is crucial for Redbubble’s success.

Optimize Your Commission levels

Things to do next

Selling more units at a discount may not offset the loss in earnings from not charging the regular 20%. Stickers and inexpensive items are exceptions, as their profit margin is low. To make more than pennies, increase your commission rate to at least 50% for these products.

Do not use copyrighted works or other people’s ideas.

Redbubble’s rules make users legally responsible for their content, and if someone complains about stealing their design, their account is at risk. In 2020, the platform banned vendors suspected of copyright violations. To avoid plagiarism, avoid using copyrighted work without being caught, and be wary of similar vendors using similar content without detection.

Marketing and advertising your Redbubble designs

Product SEO

Like Google Search, redbubble serves as a database for finding products, but it exclusively indexes its own. Customers can use Redbubble’s search bar to quickly find the items they’re looking for.

When submitting a redesign, make the most of the search engine optimisation opportunities presented by the title, tags, and description of your product..

Here is what you must enter in each section.

  • Title – Use descriptive text that explains your work.
  • Tags – Enter 15 search terms that buyers can use to find your design.
  • The description is a brief explanation of the meaning of the design. This is your chance to “sell” your work.

Spend some time perfecting these three areas to increase the visibility of your Redbubble products among potential customers. Google also displays Redbubble product results.

If you optimise your content for titles, tags, and descriptions, you can boost your visibility in this popular resource.

Generate natural interest from resources outside the platform.

Promoting your Redbubble storefront is another option. Instead of spending money on ads, your best hope is to rely on free, organic traffic from sources all over the web. On-demand print items have minimal profit margins, therefore relying on paid traffic to make a profit is highly unlikely. If you’re looking to boost your Redbubble sales, try some of these strategies.

Use Instagram to Promote Redbubble toSell on Redbubble

Sharing photos of your wares on Instagram might increase traffic to your product pages. Order one of your products and take your own photos to publish; many merchants only use mockup images. The graphic above includes some Instagram hashtags that can be used to increase exposure.

Use Pinterest to Promote Redbubble Products to Sell on Redbubble

Some search engines will index pins from Pinterest and display them in the search results. Pinterest can serve as a secondary storefront for your wares. Here is Toyquadrat’s (a mug and cup designer) Pinterest shop.

Highlight your Redbubble products on your blog  to Sell on Redbubble

Redbubble Script Generator makes it simple to add products to your website or blog. Choosing which items to display is out of your hands. So, if you want to display a particular product, you’ll have to manually construct the page by grabbing the image and linking to it.

Delivery and logistics

Redbubble, a global company based in Australia, operates factories in various countries, including Australia, American, Canadian, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and British. T-shirts are printed in multiple languages, while clocks and puzzles are printed in a single language.

This can result in exorbitant shipping charges for some products. For example, UK customers may not buy timepieces from the US due to the £18.24 shipping fee. Redbubble offers design and marketing services, handling customer care and returns in case of issues.

Sales Tracking

You may see an overview of your sales and earnings on the Redbubble Dashboard. If you want to go deeper and learn how your clients are responding to your offerings.

Google Analytics (GA) is used by Redbubble to monitor site traffic. After signing up for Google Analytics, just paste your web property ID from your GA account into Redbubble.

Once everything is in place, the ever-watchful Google will supply invaluable information on your clientele. If you did a lot of outreach on Instagram, for instance, knowing how many customers that brought in would be great.

Getting paid to Sell on Redbubble

Redbubble’s monthly billing cycle starts on the 15th of each month, and earnings over £20 or €25 are transferred to users’ PayPal or bank accounts. In December, all annual earnings over £2/£2/€2 are distributed to all users. Redbubble allows multiple accounts for reaching a wider audience, but does not combine them into one. Artists can access financial statistics and track revenue on their artist dashboard.

How to Sell on Redbubble – Summary

Redbubble’s onboarding process is straightforward, requiring users to sign up, submit artwork, create a store, decide commission rates, and promote their work. Despite low entry barriers, competition is high.

Consistency is crucial for online business success. Find a market, establish a name, open a top-notch shop, and constantly add fresh designs. Despite initial challenges, keep updating your store with fresh products daily for a year. Enjoy the process!

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Print-on-demand is a rapidly growing business model for online merchants, allowing them to produce customized items like T-shirts, phone cases, pillows, hats, and shower curtains. This allows them to focus on advertising and product development, while allowing third-party fulfillment services to handle shipping and delivery. Serial ecommerce entrepreneur Adrian Morrison offers free training on how to build a print-on-demand store for success.

How to Sell on Redbubble – FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Explain Redbubble to me?

Redbubble is a web-based store that offers things printed on demand.The company has international reach from its headquarters in Melbourne, Australia.

How old do you have to be to sell on Redbubble?

You must be 16 years old to sell your projects on Redbubble. It is against Redbubble’s terms of service if you open an account for someone who is under that age.

Does Redbubble own your art?

Redbubble does not own the rights to any artwork you upload to the site. Instead, you licence your designs to Redbubble to sell things using your artwork.Sales from your work earn you a commission.

Does Redbubble charge you a sale commission?

Redbubble is free to register and upload designs.

What types of products does Redbubble provide for purchase?

T-shirts, mugs, and stickers are among Redbubble’s most popular products. Nevertheless, they also provide a wide range of additional products, including notepads, sweatshirts, canvas prints, posters, shower curtains, pillows, and children’s clothing.

Which image format works best for Redbubble?

PNG is the ideal picture format for Redbubble due to its transparent background. However, it is recommended to use.jpeg when uploading a template.

Should I sell my products on Redbubble or Etsy?

The main deciding factor between starting your business on Etsy or Redbubble is your overall business objectives. Redbubble is made for print-on-demand products, totally free, and simple to use. The costs are modest, though, and it will take numerous initiatives before they start to pay off.

Although you can sell on-demand printed goods on Etsy, it is mainly focused on original arts and crafts and requires upfront costs. You could, however, earn large earnings. Before you begin, do your research on both platforms.You might sell on both, earning extra leads in the process!

Will selling on Redbubble generate passive income for me?

True passive income involves making money while you sleep, similar to investing plans where you deposit a certain amount and wait for 10 years to see compound interest or inflation.

Selling on Redbubble can be a viable option for those who are willing to work a few hours per day, uploading designs and promoting products on social media. While it is possible to become a millionaire online, it is unlikely to support your ideal lifestyle or replace your current income from employment.

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