How To Use ShareASale Make Money from WordPress with Affiliate Marketing

An Introduction to Affiliate Marketing: Getting Started and Finding Success

A software program for affiliate marketing called ShareASale Make Money from WordPress enables retailers to start their affiliate programs. Use ShareASale And Make Money with Affiliates who may join the program in the interim and get commissions for each eligible sale. The software also provides the tools affiliates and merchants require to operate their programs. Do you start with affiliate marketing? Perhaps you are overwhelmed by the number of things you have to do. But you have nothing to worry about. All are like that.

Anyone can start a blog, but many must learn how to use affiliate marketing. Remember that even the best affiliate marketing strategy is used to optimize your content. Let’s clear up this misunderstanding first. It is one of the most common mistakes of novice bloggers and even some professionals. Alternatively, the first step to successful affiliate marketing is participating in programs that fit your niche. One of the main concepts of successful affiliate marketing is advertising products you use or offer to your audience without any problems. Your goal should be for the brand to take root in your niche and become an authority on related topics.

Leveraging ShareASale for Affiliate Marketing Success

ShareASale is among the top affiliate marketing tools available today. While ShareASale provides affiliate programs for over 4,500 small and big retailers, Amazon Associates mainly focuses on Amazon items. We’ll look deeper at ShareASale in this post, including its features, costs, and potential benefits for your affiliate marketing strategy. When you’re prepared, let’s begin! AWIN Group acquired the affiliate platform ShareASale in 2017. The multi-award-winning platform for service providers has assisted AWIN Group in bringing in $1 billion for publishers. It works for you, particularly if you are beginning off in affiliate marketing. Applying for programs and joining the network is completely free.

It is worth noting that there are over 16,000 sellers on the platform for you to choose from. So, you will find an affiliate product or category no matter your niche. With this choice of sellers, a wide range of commission rates are available. You will find programs that provide commission rates as low as one percent, and finding CPA rates is easy. Most of? Registration is free and simple. Plus, you can sign up with your social media account or website, making it a great option for aspiring influencers and bloggers.

Leveraging ShareASale for Affiliate Marketing Success

ShareASale Pricing: How Much Does ShareASale Cost?

The ShareASale platform is where sellers can sign up to connect with affiliate marketers. However, participation in the network is only partially free, and you must pay an entrance fee. The good news is that no recurring payments are associated with a merchant account. It is very easy for publishers to register as one of them in ShareASale. You will have to pay $5 for a thorough background check, which will be refunded once the background check is complete. Publishers can also pay a monthly fee of $25 only for accounts with a balance of less than $50.

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Your account will be canceled unless your balance falls below $25. Since the accounts are removed for $25, ShareASale will only allow the commissions to fall below the minimum balance on your account if you inform them about it. For these sellers, registering online comes at a somewhat high cost. It costs $650 (including a $550 network access fee and a $100 minimum deposit).

Costs and Fees for Merchants on ShareASale

A new seller must make a one-time payment of $550 to gain access to the platform. After that, they will have access to the network, but the merchant must also make a minimum deposit of 4100. An additional $100 is available for business partnerships, expert managers, and more services. In other words, you must spend at least $650 when you start with ShareASale. Network transaction fee. You must pay the network transaction fee and the one-time registration fee. It is the fee charged when a qualified transaction occurs on the network. 

 The cost is calculated using a simple formula: twenty percent of the commission to the partner. This sum is programmable. Therefore, the network transaction cost is not set in stone. On top of that, ShareASale commits you to earn around $35 in transaction fees. You must deposit the specified amount to avoid being charged a fee of $35. To ensure a seamless transition for new merchants, they offer a 30-day period to set up their programs and launch them properly. 

Who Should Use ShareASale?

ShareASale is designed for businesses of all sizes looking for an efficient and fast tool to simplify creating and growing their affiliate marketing campaign. From a seller’s point of view, ShareASale works by offering access to the network. You must pay a one-time fee to access the system. You must also maintain a balance of $100 to cover transaction costs and other advertising costs on the platform. If you are an affiliate, you can register online for free. But they have some registration requirements. For example, before registering, you must have a website. They may also only accept some applications. However, if you use your domain email address, your chances of receiving it are much higher.

Who is Eligible to use ShareASale?

ShareASale is a well-known software for brands looking for a way to launch their affiliate campaign for their services or products. The network is mainly aimed at medium and small enterprises. It’s also worth noting that ShareASale is a great platform for affiliate marketers looking to monetize their social media channels and website, considering it has over 700,000 affiliates. If you have a niche website with high-quality content, joining ShareASale can help you make money. In addition, this affiliate network is a great option for more advanced and experienced marketers with multiple websites needing monetization.

ShareASale Features: What to do With It?

ShareASale boasts a huge number of features. You see, this is a platform for affiliates and merchants. It suggests that it provides features for each of them. Here are some of the things you will love when you start using affiliate marketing software:

  • Various reporting features: What can you do to make your affiliate marketing successful? You should be able to see what is happening with all of your affiliate links. Luckily, ShareASale allows you to do just that. With its shared reporting features, ShareASale offers an easy-to-understand overview of how affiliate links work for you. Moreover, you can create custom reports that display the metrics you need. In addition, ShareASale is tracked in real-time. This way, you can see sales and clicks as they occur. You can also use the click tracking feature to see each user’s steps to click on your affiliate link and purchase.
  • Reliable monthly charts: One of the benefits of working with a large company like ShareASale is that you can get paid exactly when you want to expect them. Every 20th month, ShareASale will send your affiliate income straight to your bank account. They can also send money to banks in different countries, so that’s an advantage, too. If you want, you can get a check or get paid through Payoneer.
  • Individual deep links: People want to avoid super-long links. Right? Often, these extra letters and numbers part of your affiliate ID make your users or visitors wary of clicks. ShareASale solves this problem by allowing you to fully customize your affiliate links. In addition, you can make shortened URLs more attractive to users. The affiliate marketing software also offers handy social tools allowing users to share your affiliate link with others.

Responsive Customer Support

Customer support is a huge complaint about almost every other big name in affiliate marketing networks. Hence, this point is an even bigger plus for ShareASale. Did you know he prides himself on excellent customer support for partners and merchants? If you have any concerns, you can contact them today. Their customer support team is always ready to answer all your questions. In addition, new affiliates will receive a welcome kit to help them dive into affiliate marketing without too much hassle. Partners can also watch training webinars to help them improve their skills. You will also find a detailed FAQ section on their website.

  • Saved Reports: Did you know that any report you run on ShareASale Make Money from WordPress can be saved independently or as a template for future reports? It is a huge time saver for any Affiliate Manager who works with the interface regularly. Just look to the right whenever you run a report, and you will find an icon to save it. From there, you can personalize the settings to save as a template for future reports.

Practical Search Functions

There are over 4,800 trading programs available on ShareASale. How to find the one that is best for your business? It is where ShareASale’s wonderful search options come in handy. The software’s excellent search options allow you to easily filter your search results based on specific keywords, sales commissions, seller category EPCs, or even how long they’ve been part of ShareASale Make Money from WordPress. In addition, the software has a special feature that helps you rank the best sellers available, known as PowerRank. It allows you to view the top 100 sellers currently on the platform. With such tools, you can easily find your ideal affiliate program. How easy is it?

  • Wide selection of merchants: Are you an affiliate marketer who owns a lot of websites? Would you like to monetize them all with ShareASale Make Money from WordPress? Today is your lucky day. The software makes it very easy for the owners of different websites to apply numerous programs. You also have the option to enter all the owners you currently have, listing them in order of importance. This way, you don’t have to repeatedly enroll in every merchant program you apply for. You only need to apply once; all your websites will be active for this software.
  • Flexible commissions: Would you like to pay different commissions for new customers, stores, categories, and SKUs, among other things? You will find unlimited possibilities. Anything you can think of can be achieved with ShareASale’s system of rules and settings.

Leapfrog Transactions

You can also create a rule for software that skips clicks and looks back in the clickstream to see if any other affiliates are involved in a particular transaction. This can be useful when shopping with PPC affiliates and coupons, keeping you on schedule while guaranteeing a price.

  • Custom approval rules: You will find two parts of custom claim rules. However, the most important thing to remember is that it saves you time on one of the most time-consuming and time-consuming tasks of working with an affiliate program: pre-approval.

Why Should You Use ShareASale?

ShareASale offers a hub for connecting affiliates, merchants, and agencies. With a good set of tools, affiliates, and merchants can benefit from what affiliate marketing software provides. For sellers, register and get started. The same applies to branches. As a seller, you can also increase the sales of your product by setting up an affiliate marketing campaign, not to mention that no third-party services are required to process it. You can also access reports that offer information. Payments are transparent and regular for partners as well. In this ShareASale Make Money from WordPress review, we found it a great platform to connect an affiliate marketing center offering services and tools that benefit everyone without trying to do anything extra.


  • The platform has an easy acceptance process for new partners as they accept users within 48-72 hours.
  • There are many programs to join.
  • Payouts are always on time.


  • The minimum payout threshold for affiliates is $50.
  • The website design needs to be updated.
  • ShareASale links are scary.
  • 20% commission on commission paid

What are the Benefits of ShareASale?

Here are some of the benefits you can get when you start using ShareASale

  • A wide range of products and brands for your promotion: ShareASale offers you a wide range of services and products. No matter what area you specialize in or what niche you work in with this affiliate marketing software.
  • Partners with numerous websites can use it: Once approved online, you can add many websites to your partner accounts besides the main one listed during the application process.
  • It has various reporting functions: ShareASale provides a wide range of reporting features that can help you track and track all of your affiliate conversions and links. They have advanced general reporting features, and you can create personalized reports to highlight the specific metrics you want to see.
  • Effective and efficient customer support: Customer support is essential when working with a partner. Fortunately, ShareASale Make Money from WordPress offers excellent support for both customers and merchants. If you have any problems or questions, you can contact them by phone or email from 9 a.m. The average time is 18:00.
  • Ongoing training and webinars: One of the best things about ShareASale Make Money from WordPress is that it provides continuous learning to more experienced new sellers and partners. Best practices and the opportunity to watch tutorials and access educational resources will help you develop your affiliate marketing skills.

From monthly newsletters to affiliate marketing courses, the ShareASale Make Money from WordPress team will keep you updated on affiliate marketing developments, features, and tools to help you increase your earnings. Affiliate marketing can be a lucrative earning opportunity. However, it’s worth extending your options to your chosen affiliate networks and ideal marketing programs to increase your chances of success.

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