15 Ways to Make Money with a Truck $1000 In a Day

We are Providing the top 15 Ways to Make Money with a Truck for $1000 In a Day. Try these 15 top Truck Ways to get money with your Truck.

How can you turn your car into a money maker? Or at least offset your salary?

Five out of ten vehicles sold in 2020 are vans. And if you own a Ford F-Series, you drive the best-selling car in America!

15 Ways to Make Money with a Truck $1000 In a Day

But vans don’t come cheap – the average price of a new van is just over $38,000.You may be paying too much or too much for your truck, or you might be thinking about purchasing a new or utilized vehicle. Between the sticker price, gas, insurance, and maintenance, owning a truck is not cheap.

That’s why I created this list of the Make Money with a Truck. It’s a smooth machine, and now it’s time to turn it into a money-making tool!

1. Mattress and Furniture Returns

Have you seen the “100 nights of good sleep or your money back” guarantee for the mattress? It turns out that 7% of the mattresses in this box come back. The secret is that companies never want to return the product. So, they work with Sharetown, a “reverse logistics” company, to store and sell them on the secondary market.

Wherever the race falls, it’s up to you as a representative in Sharetown. I contacted several agents who made $1500-4000 per month, selling these products slowly.

Car and SUV owners can get $150-$250 per product and don’t have to pay until the product is sold.

2. Furniture Flipping

Flipping furniture is another side business mentioned earlier. Common types include:

  • Find a piece of furniture on Facebook Marketplace, Give Up, Craigslist, or local buying groups
  • Take it (in your trusty truck).
  • Wash it out again
  • To take a picture and sell it – for a profit

Ryan Cron reportedly makes $150-$250 a round and enjoys working hard with his hands. Her advice is to start with simple things like dressing up to test your skills. If you pay attention to common features and other areas that work, this can be a money-making hobby.

Also, it is a low-risk venture to begin with. Begin with one piece and perceive how you like it.

3. Moving Service

Another way you can earn money on your car is to enter or start a moving process. Many projects help connect people with transport to people who need mobility assistance. Here are some price checks.


Dolly is always looking for help and charges up to $40 an hour if you have a truck and can move more than 75 pounds. Set your schedule using the app to find and accept jobs.

In addition, you will be required to keep 100% of your customer returns.


Bellhop is similar to Dolly but invested at $21 per hour. (Don’t mix tips with bonuses.)


Nothing will stop you from joining both services to maximize your time to make more Money with a Truck. And like Dolly, you look for jobs that fit your schedule, and you take them. In other words, it’s an easy side push if you don’t mind a little heavy lifting.


Do you like to draw? If you own your truck, Lugg can help you earn up to $2,500 per week. To become a Lugger, you need to provide some basic details like age, location, and phone number. And as long as you can lift 100 pounds, you’re good to go.

4. Deliver Items

Vans are a great way to transport goods on the move. Here are some of the services that are right for you with shipping gigs.


The best thing about CitizenShipper is that it asks you how much you can pay. Animals and pets Heavy baggage and cargo – up to you. And with the average monthly income of CitizenShipper drivers between $6,000 and $10,000, this is a truck deal to consider.


Delivery drivers are needed. And uShip, the largest online shipping site, is always looking to connect with customers.


This is the Service we used when we moved from California to Washington. When U-Haul can’t do it for us, uShip comes through with a bang!

With uShip, you list yourself and your truck to advertise your services. You can use the market to find customers who want something and offer their Service. By getting feedback, you can build a good reputation and get more customers in the process.


Rudy is a little different. The UPS-owned website works a bit like a package delivery service. In other words, if you’re going the same way as the package, Rudy will pay you to pick it up and deliver it.

You don’t have to drive, although it helps because you can make multiple deliveries. It’s a new idea and one that can get you an average of $13 per trip. (More if you are shipping long distances.)


Sometimes, you want the day to deliver something. Businesses and consumers use Bungii for the same reason. That’s a big deal, and that’s why Bungie welcomes porters like you—and charges up to $45 an hour.


You can create your schedule and choose a full-time job or a higher-paying job. Bungii requires you to drive a 1997 or newer truck but with a muscle load of up to 125 pounds.

5. Snow Plowing

Snow removal is a great winter!

Here are some car modifications to consider: winter tires, extra headlights, and, of course, a snow blower that works with your car. You set your price, perhaps between $20-100 per post. So it’s worth it, especially if your state gets a lot of snow.

6. Rent Out Your Truck

If you have a truck but don’t need it all the time, you can lease it to cover your costs or even Make Money with a Truck.


Rent Out Your Truck

According to Fetch, car owners can make $19,000 – $30,000 a year leasing their cars. The company offers contactless leasing and maintains full insurance while your vehicle is out. All tenants are pre-screened to limit your risk.


Toro is the largest car-sharing site on the Internet, offering multiple car rentals. When I searched near me, I found dozens of trucks listed for rent for $100-$140 each. Old.


At this price, it makes sense to have someone else drive your car a few days a month!

Bring your buckets in for the daily price. Write good reviews on Toro, and you can earn more.


Another car-sharing business is Getaround. The Service is aimed at drivers who need a car temporarily or who want to rent a car.

This site is used by over 2,000,000 people in the United States, so you already know it’s legit and popular. All you have to do is fill in your car, location, and price and wait for tenants.

Renting a truck is also easier. There is no key exchange, you can access premium parking, and the pricing is automatic so that you can work out the current market price.


GoShare rents trucks for transportation and delivery – with you driving. According to the website, you can earn between $52 and $68 per hour.

You must provide your personal information and vehicle information before you can be accepted as a GoShare driver. But if you’re not looking to help relocate people or businesses, there are other push vehicles to consider.

7. Advertise on Your Truck

Did you know that you can make money by advertising your car?

Some companies will pay you to advertise, which can help you earn up to $100 or more per month. It’s not the easiest way to do it, but it’s one of the easiest Make Money with a Truck.

Although society has set rules, these may include a certain year or more of the truck, a paint job, and the minimum number of hours you must drive each day.

8. Scrap Metal Recycling

Garbage is more valuable than you think. Dom Costa in Southern California reported that he earns an average of $400 per month in this profession. And with a truck that can haul a lot of spare parts, you could be on your way to some great benefits.

It is important to consider whether you have access to enough waste. For example, if you work in construction or automotive repair. Even cleaning your house or garage can leave behind traces of aluminum or copper that your car will use.

The pay is just the pay.

9. Retail Pickups and Dropoffs

What happens when a customer wants to buy something big and bulky in the store but can’t take it home? Retailers such as Homesense, HomeGoods, Home, and American Standard have partnered with PICKUP for same-day delivery.

All you need to be a courier is a truck or a truck. From there, you can average $45 per race. You also have tips for clients. Like the transfer services above, you are your boss with PICCUP. Schedule a part-time or full-time job by accepting only the jobs you can handle.

10. Provide a Junk Hauling Service

Can you create your forwarding service, like 1-800-GOT-JUNK? This is another way to make money with a truck because people will pay you to help them clean their place. Starting a landfill program isn’t as difficult as you might think, especially if you’ve already checked off the first requirement: a truck.

This is a blue-collar business that can make $200 or more per month. Read. Alternatively, join LoadUp, the country’s largest independent lettings network. For those who need to remove junk – from old furniture to old Christmas trees – LoadUp carries it all. For LoadUp, loaders earn between $55 and $200 per trip and up to $2,000 per week.

It all depends on how many tasks you want to do per day. Depending on the location and amount of waste removed, a car push can be a lot of money if you do it right.

11. Provide a Towing Service

We’re not talking about towing broken cars. Leave it back to the trucks with winches and hooks. We’re talking about using your truck to make money towing RVs, boats, and cars. There’s money to be made because people have to go in RVs, boats, and similar vehicles – especially when they’re kicking a bucket and hauling it to the landfill. Must go

Here’s another fact you might not know: Most modern trucks can carry up to 13,000 pounds. So, if your truck is better, here Make Money with a Truck.

12. Start a Trucking Company

That requires a smaller car than fits in your driveway, but it’s still an interesting idea. I spoke with Erika Williams, who owns a trucking company in Austin, Texas. He explained that a used truck can cost $40,000, but he might get $1,000 a week in shipping costs.

This ensures a great return on investment and may be worth further study if you are looking for a business idea to replace your daily routine.

13. Pallet Flipping

Jamie and Sarah McAuley of Grand Rapids, Michigan, reported making $25,000 playing pinball in their spare time. A local activist was stealing items from Amazon, Target, Walmart, and other stores and selling them to flippers like Jamie and Sarah. Many items are in new, unopened condition!

Instead, they sell the products for a profit on eBay and Facebook Marketplace – and share the profits on their popular YouTube channel.

14. Reselling the Pallets Themselves

One of the most amazing ideas I came across is the “matchmaker palette.” In this business, you connect companies that receive products on pallets with other companies that need pallets to deliver their products.

The classes Varnie mentions are available at a special discount for her classes to Side Hustle Nation readers at this link.

15. Flip Appliances and Other Large Items

Finally, if you can take large loads, you will be better than other flippers. Cheap shopping is the name of the game, and you can buy cheap local products such as:

  • Washing machine and DRYER
  • The cooking plan
  • Meadow tools and equipment
  • Vending machines
  • Mechanical equipment

My friends Rob and Melissa Stephenson are experts at this and make thousands of dollars a month selling their results.

If you like the thrill of the hunt, this can be a fun and rewarding experience. Check out my interview with Rob, or watch his free training to learn more.

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