TOP 15 platforms making money on sites and applications

TOP-15 platforms for making money on testing sites and applications are some of the most popular and well-paid options for making money on the Internet.

At first glance, it may seem strange: who in their right mind would pay for the usual study of sites?

The need for constant research is dictated by the realities of the market – any online resource is constantly optimizing its structure and functionality to maintain the current and attract new audiences.

At the same time, in no case should one be limited only by the authoritative opinion of programmers and designers, it is important to understand what an ordinary user thinks – a potential client.

What is Money on Sites And Applications?

The concept of money on sites and applications has become increasingly common with the rise of online commerce, social networking, gaming, and other digital platforms. It offers users a convenient way to conduct transactions within the platform without relying on traditional physical currencies.

That is why project testing sites are so popular. How it works:

  • The customer company places TK
  • The system selects a suitable performer
  • The assessor (a resource testing user) examines a site or application and writes a report.
  • We suggest you familiarize yourself with 15 platforms for making money on testing sites and applications.

A large English-language service dealing with business and consumer research, product research, personality research, etc. Leading global companies such as Oracle, Airbnb, IBM, Microsoft, etc. are interested in the opinion of the audience.

The site allows you to earn up to $ 700 per hour or more. It all depends on your professionalism and competencies. For example, the average income of software developers is about $ 200 per hour, marketers – $ 150 per hour, and business owners or top managers – $ 500-700 per hou

money on sites and applications on sites and applications on, you need to create your profile and confirm your employment. The matching algorithm will periodically send you research that matches your competencies.

At the same time, you yourself can view the projects available for participation. After receiving an invitation to study, you will be able to choose a suitable time.

Payments are made via PayPal. The service commission is only 5%.

English-language site for usability testing. You can earn on regular Internet surfing – just use a test site or application in the same way as in real life. A typical usability test on TryMyUI includes:

Screen recording and your voice while using the site/app
Written answers to final questions

The number of available tests will depend on the results of the qualifying test that you take at registration. On average, service assessors receive several tasks each week. For each test you pass (it takes 15-20 minutes), you can earn $10.

Payments are made via PayPal. Payment for the test is made after your answers are assessed.

Online service for remote unmoderated testing on users. The first Russian-language project in our selection – Gazprombank, CIAN, VTB24 and other large Russian companies work with it.

money on sites and applications on UXCrowd, you need to register and complete a trial task. After checking it, you will be able to fill out your profile and get to work. All you need is a computer, an Android smartphone and a microphone.

When testing web projects, you must use the Google Chrome browser or Yandex.Browser with the plugin installed. With it, you will find instructions for completing the task, and you can also record video and voice.

For mobile testing, you will need to install the UXCrowd app (only available on Android). Various types of tasks are possible – voice, written, and tests (with one or more answers, scale).

Only citizens of the Russian Federation who have reached the age of 18 can work in UXCrowd. To complete tasks, no knowledge and skills are needed – customers need a normal user experience.

Each tester concludes a civil law contract with the service, according to which personal income tax is withheld from your earnings and money is transferred to the FIU – everything is official. You will receive a reward for testing within 7 days in your bank account.

A user testing platform used by Tesco, Tripadvisor, 1Password and over 200 other organizations. It has been studying user activity since 2010.

You will be able to earn money by passing small (10-20 minutes) tests, for each of which you will receive $10. All you need is a computer and a microphone to complete the tasks.

Before some tasks, you may have screening questions – they allow you to determine whether you are suitable for the test. A notification about a new test is sent when an order is placed, if you do not have time to start it, another performer will be assigned (your rating will not change).

Each new tester passes a qualification test, on the basis of which users receive their first assessment. This test will determine how often you will receive new assignments. The term for checking the qualification test is 7-15 days.

Payouts are made to PayPal or Amazon Gift Cards. Payment is transferred one week after passing the test.

An English-language service through which websites, applications, and games are tested. Lacoste, SoundCloud and other large companies work with

To earn money on the service, it is enough to register – and you will receive an invitation for the first test. The devices you use, your skills and your interests determine the number of invitations you will receive on the project.

If you refuse the test, another user will take your place (this will not affect your rating in any way).

The main task of a tester is to find errors. For each bug you find, you can get up to $50, and if the bug turns out to be critical, even more. You can also earn small rewards for viewing applications or completing simple test scripts.

Payments are made once a month to PayPal, Payoneer, or Skrill. You can also receive payment via bank transfer.


Opinion research service from one of the largest Russian IT companies. Polls are broadcast on YAN sites – for example, in the KinoPoisk player, Yandex. Zen publications, etc. The audience is selected based on the specified characteristics: gender, age, interests, and geographic location.

If you are selected, you will be able to take part in the survey.

Unfortunately, Yandex. Vzglyad has one “unpleasant” feature: customers pay for the creation of questionnaires and user responses, while respondents do not receive any remuneration. In other words, you volunteer to take surveys if you are interested in the topic.

Accordingly, you will not be able to earn money on this service. If you are interested in making money on sites and applications, try another Yandex project – Toloka. Here you can find tasks for testing websites and applications.

Russian-language site audit service for real users. Over 1,000 companies have conducted research with AskUsers, including WildBerries, Rosgosstrakh-Bank, myTarget, Lamoda, etc.

You can earn real money by testing websites. You do not need any investments, but rather clear and substantive answers to the questions of site owners. Answering each question you can get up to 50 rubles (the payment for a task is usually 150-250 rubles), and daily earnings can reach 3,000 rubles – all you need is a computer and the Internet. The exact income will depend on your rating and the number of tasks you complete.

To make money on AskUsers, you need to register, go through moderation, install a special program through which you will complete tasks, and then get to work. You can only pick things that you are interested in and know a lot about.

English-language project for user testing. With its help, global companies explore their resources – Tesla, Western Union, Blinkist, etc.

To make money on the service, you need to register and install a plug-in for Google Chrome or download an application for iOS. They are used for website testing (screen recording, voices). After registration, you will receive a qualification test.

It will identify your major flaws in the work – so you can find out what should be corrected in future tests. If approved, you will be able to receive paid tests.

In each task, you will need to complete a number of tasks within 5-15 minutes – for example, place an order on a website. During the task, the screen and your voice will be recorded. For each test, you can get $3. Money is paid to PayPal.

Swiss project launched in 2015. Recruiting testers and other research participants for large international companies. More than 600 thousand people take part in the research. Fulfilled orders for Microsoft, UBS, Zalando, etc.

To become a performer on, you need to register. After that, a small 5-minute survey awaits you, which will show your interests and competencies. Your responses will determine the number and frequency of survey invitations you receive.

As part of the project, you can test not only websites and applications, but also gadgets, food, various products, and much more. The more difficult and longer the task, the more you earn. The highest reward is paid for personal participation in the study, a little less for user tests, etc.

in which you participate at home via video (Skype, Zoom, etc.). You can also participate in regular online surveys. Tasks can last from 30 to 90 minutes. Payments are made to PayPal or a bank account.

A project for making money on UX testing of websites and applications. Any user over the age of 18 can become a tester. To work, you only need a computer or smartphone connected to the Internet, as well as a special program for testing.

To earn money on IntelliZoom, you must register and pass a short profiling test (3 questions). The number of tasks available will depend on your demographics. The rating also affects the frequency of invitations.

Each study lasts an average of 10-20 minutes. In standard surveys, the payment is about $ 2, in full-fledged tests with video and voice recording – about $ 10. Payments are made to PayPal within 3 weeks after the end of testing (on average, this takes 3-5 days).

Australian UX research company worldwide. Established in 2009. customers include eBay, EA Sports, Lenovo, Lego, and so on.

The service pays above average for high-quality site testing, and high-class employees can count on bonuses. Upon registration, each user undergoes a 5-minute qualification test to confirm suitability. You will need a webcam and a microphone to work.

Research project specializing in usability testing, competitor analysis, A/B testing, and expertise. Conducts research for major market players – Toyota, RBS, Organic, Volkswagen, etc.

You can earn by testing websites and applications. To do this, you will need a computer or smartphone, email, and an Internet connection. You do not need any special knowledge and skills – the user experience is important for customers.

When completing tasks, you will test websites and applications about car companies, banks and insurance companies, online stores, etc. Each test session lasts 15 minutes. For the performance of the work, you get 8 euros.

A global community of testers with over 125,000 users worldwide. Skyscanner, Nestle, Dropbox, and other larger companies and projects are ordered here.

To earn money, you need to register a tester account, wait for an invitation to the study, answer additional questions from the tester (screening), book a session, and attend the test session on time. After completing the work, you can receive a reward.

Test sessions are 1-on-1 video calls where you share your screen and talk about the advantages and disadvantages of sites. All you need to complete the task is a computer, camera and microphone, and a good internet connection.

The base rate is 15 euros for a 30-minute session. For sessions lasting 1 hour, you will receive 30 euros. In some cases, the reward can reach 200 euros. Payments are made to PayPal or bank transfer a few days after testing.

An English-language platform that conducts user testing of websites and mobile applications. The project has existed since 2007, Walmart, Facebook, Domino’s, and other large companies work with it.

Users are offered tests based on their profile, as well as technical ability tests (short tests that determine how competent you are for the main test). The number of tasks depends on your rating, region, portfolio of previously completed tasks, etc.

On UserTesting, you can earn up to $60 or more per completed test. The rate depends on the type and duration of the task being performed. On average, the service pays about $10 for a 20-minute test.

You just need to go to the specified site/application, complete the tasks, follow the instructions, and prepare a detailed report. It is recommended to speak English at the level of a confident user – reports may require the use of specialized technical terms.

An international community of testers, including more than 500 thousand performers. Works since 2007. The project participated in the research of Google, Facebook, Tesla, McDonald’s and other large companies.

You can earn money by testing websites and applications. The exact amount of payment depends on the specific project (usually the complexity and duration of the test affect the amount of remuneration). sends out invitations based on the data specified in the profile. You can study the tasks to be completed in advance, and then decide whether you want to participate or not. As part of the tasks, you will use applications and sites, and look for errors and problems on them. Some projects involve testing in the real world – for example, in stores, restaurants, etc.

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