36 Ways to Make $10k Per Year Part-Time Jobs in College

Although my course has a history, I believe I have 36 ways to make money with part-time jobs in college. College students need to learn how to make money.

Part-Time Jobs in College itself are more expensive than ever, and many people are taking out loans to pay for them. This year’s graduates will fall more than one step—they still enter the world with an average of $39,000 in debt.

Thankfully, I didn’t graduate with debt, thanks to a combination of:

  • Work with the whole school
  • The work is finished
  • Help mom and dad

But if you can start your career without massive debt, you’ve already taken a big step towards financial freedom.

In this article, I’ll explore how I raised money in Part-Time Jobs in College and the different ways you can do so.

(Many options will not be available later!)

Done? Let’s jump inside.

1. Scholarships

In terms of dollars of effort per hour, the time spent marketing and soliciting donations will be some of the best returns on investment.

I am happy to receive various courses and activities, such as scholarships for higher education. (I got nothing for my games!)

All in all, it cost thousands of dollars, which took up a good portion of my tuition. Visit Scholarships.com for a sample database of offers and, of course, just what you can get.

Next Steps: My friend Jocelyn organized a free online workshop on 6 Steps to Get College Loans Faster.

2. Part-Time Jobs

One of my favorite jobs ever was working as a cashier at a Mongolian Grill restaurant. Many are free. Eating food.

(There is another hack to save money!)

I was making $10 an hour, and I remember going to the administration center at the University of Washington and paying my tuition with money from the restaurant.

Check out programs like Learn to get in touch with part-time gigs near you, or check out our full apprenticeship process to learn more.

Part-Time Jobs

3. Painting Houses

My biggest income in college was painting houses in the summer. I had it done by a company called College Works Painting. It was the hardest and most rewarding job of my young life. Over two summers, I sold about $140,000 worth of paint and probably made just over $20,000.

Creativity is also very important to me. This was my first taste of working for non-salary income, and it has been the foundation of all my business endeavors since then.

Fun fact: Since it was technically an “internship,” I even got some points for my efforts, which almost helped me graduate.

4. Paid Internships

After we finished painting, my roommate saw a business ad in our school newspaper. He told her, “You need to look at it.”

​​​​​​I got a job with this e-commerce company in Seattle for $10 an hour, and that was my first time:

  • Online Advertising
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay-per-click ads
  • And other things

A “pay to learn” internship is a great way to get real-world experience at the same time. And in my case, it resulted in my next income. Visit Internships.com to find gigs near you.

There is another way: Can you do your own “internship” at a company you love?

5. Affiliate Marketing

After my e-commerce experience was over, I decided to try my hand at affiliate marketing. This is where you promote products or services and earn rewards when someone buys or signs up.

More than 15 years later, it is still my main source of income.

But at the time, I started with an ad budget of $1 a day and placed ads for specific types of shoes that people were looking for. It was very profitable, Part-Time Jobs in College, and I started making $200-400 a month from a “non-profit” from a college basement that I shared with 5 other friends.

After graduating, I invested in creating a comprehensive business relationship website. I think it was my real mess, and it was this company that finally allowed me to leave my business.

NOTE: Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: Make $200 a Month Part-Time Jobs in College With This Super Easy Step-by-Step Guide

6. Real Estate (Really)

Stay with me because it’s weird. In college, I had the pleasure of becoming a real estate investor and bought an investment property. Because of these early bubble years, a kid with no real job could get a $250,000 loan with no questions asked.

However, I used the profits from my paintings to pay bills and spent about $100 a month on rent. Fortunately, I was able to sell the property at a good profit before the bubble burst. Sometimes, happiness is better than feeling good!

If you are interested in investing in real estate, you can look at platforms like Fundreys, which require less capital and are more diversified than buying a house.

Real Estate (Really)

Disclosure: I’ve been fundraising since 2015. I get funded when you sign up through my referrals. Check out our full review of  Part-Time Jobs in College Fundrise for more information.

7. Outside College Credits

The last way I financed college was to graduate early, saving $1600. In my case, I had a few credits to take AP exams in high school.

If you are already in college, this little thing won’t help you much, but you won’t know that you can work your way to more credits. You can ask about this through your school or check with a national service such as CLEP.

I also spent more credit hours than three quarters – after all, the cost of tuition is the same whether I signed up for 12 credits or 18. This can help you take your time to complete the course. Finish and save some tutorials…

8. Online Surveys and Apps

It won’t make you rich, but beer can be an easy way to make money. You can do this when time permits, for example, while waiting in line or watching TV.

Here are some of the best:

  • Swagbucks: Claim up to $35 per survey on the mega-popular app and get a $10 sign-up bonus!
  • Brand Surveys: One of the top survey sites worth millions.
  • Survey Junkie: Earn up to $40 per month and spend from $5.
  • InboxDollars: Get a $5 sign-up bonus!
  • US Consumer Opinion: Join millions of free members and earn up to $50 per review.
  • Pinecone Survey: Get $3 for any 15-20 minute survey. A check for $3 will be sent after your first check.
  • YouGov: An old forum whose information is often discussed in the media.

Some, including InboxDollars and Swagbucks, will even pay you to watch videos.

9. Be a Resident Advisor (RA)

It was one of my wife’s ways to earn money for Part-Time Jobs in College. (Or, more accurately, not using it.)

Consultants live in the space for free in exchange for project plans, keep tabs on debates, and promote public understanding. It’s a bit of work – and probably drama – but it’s worth thousands of dollars.

10. Flipping Books or Textbooks

Open books are a common idea for people of all ages, but Part-Time Jobs for College students have an advantage. Books are often the most expensive books sold online, and you are already close to the source.

How This Gig Works: Get a barcode scanning app, like ScoutIQ (paid) or Bookscouter (free), to see what books sell on Amazon and other stores.

They can be obtained from friends, local shops, thrift stores, and antique bookstores and thrift stores. One Side Hustle reports that foreigners are making up to $4,000 a month from their flipping business.

11. Cash Back Apps

When you go out to eat, shop online, or buy groceries, make sure you maximize your cashback.

I do this today through apps like:

  • Earn Rewards: Scan a photo of your shopping receipt to earn hundreds of marks back.
  • Capital One Store: This is a great browser extension that helps you earn rewards when you shop online, whether you bank with Capital One or not.
  • Disclosure: I am affiliated with Capital One Shopping and get paid when you sign up.
  • Ibotta: The popular Ibotta app is around and gives you cash back when you buy products and affiliate lists.

12. Get Paid to Play Games

Bingo Cash

The popular Bingo Cash gaming app transforms classic bingo from a game of chance to a game of speed and skill. Each game only takes 2 minutes to play, and you can win real prizes and cash prizes (except AR, IA, LA, SC, and WA).

Get Paid to Play Games

With more than 5 million downloads, the app has received mostly positive reviews (gamers make it fun and more). Among the negative reviews on the App Store, the most common complaint is the ad that you can earn big money with little effort.

As with all gaming applications, practice before free, again, don’t invest more than you can afford to lose.

Rewarded Play (Android)

With over 170,000 reviews and 4.3 stars on the Google Play Store, Play Games is another free, legal, and fun “pay to play” app.

Rewarded Play (Android)

Best Games is your one-stop app for games like Solitaire, Mahjong, Wheel of Fortune, Yahtzee, and more. Choose your gift while playing, and you will receive your gift card within 48 hours.

Solitaire Cash

I’ve played my fair share of Windows Solitaire, so Solitaire Money got my attention.

Solitaire Cash

The top-rated iOS and Android gaming app pits you against equally skilled players, where everyone gets to play the same game, and the player with the most points wins. Of course, you still have to practice for free!

Solitaire Money is free to download and play, but real money tournaments are not yet available in AZ, IN, IO, LA, ME, MT, SC, and WA.

Mistplay (Android)

With over 10 million downloads, Mistplay is a fun app that rewards you for downloading and playing new games on your phone. The more you play, the more “units” you get. You can then redeem these units for gift cards at your favorite stores.

For the no-play strategy, look for games with 3x or 4x unit multipliers to get gift cards faster.

Live Streaming

Another option to make money making video games is to live stream your game on Twitch. Popular characters earn as much as $300,000 or more per year!

13. Tutoring

If you score well on tests, there is a huge market for test preparation. You can find clients through your local newspaper, NextDoor, or a local parenting group.

One Side Hustle Nation reader makes up to $1000 per week with her coaching program, which focuses on ACT preparation. This is a self-paying gig, usually from $15-80 an hour.

14. Work for a company and get paid while you’re in college.

Brands like to recruit Part-Time Jobs in Part-Time Jobs in College students for events with other local businesses. As a product representative, you can get paid for providing samples by sending advertisers or employees.

Rates can range from $10-30 an hour, and you can find gigs on Facebook, Craigslist, or your school newspaper.

15. Delivery Gigs

You may already have an idea of the delivery programs that are popular in your school and surrounding area.

Getting started is much easier and usually involves:

  • Transportation arrangements (car, motorcycle, electric scooter, etc.)
  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Look again

These apps usually allow you to receive and send orders or groceries. Your earning potential is usually between $14-25 an hour, and you can set your hours.

Here are some shipping services to consider:

  • Instacart – All Instacart customers use to get local grocery delivery. Check out our Instacart customer reviews to learn more.
  • DoorDash – Earn up to $25 an hour as a delivery driver for DoorDash. Check out our DoorDash review for more information.
  • Uber Eats – offers around town like my friend Jason, who reportedly makes $25-30 an hour.

If you like these gigs – or if you’re already a competitive driver – you might consider adding the Hurdlr to your arsenal. The Hurdlr app lets you track your mileage to save money on taxes.

16. Remote Freelancing

Do you have skills that other companies would pay for?

In the archives here, you will find the wisdom of volunteers:

  • Achieve
  • Leadership support
  • THAT
  • Graphic design
  • web page development
  • Work
  • Social Media
  • CAD design
  • Photography
  • Vote for the show
  • Video editing
  • And other things

How much you can earn depends on your skills and your desired customers.

17. Pet Waste Removal

Collecting cat supplies may not be the most glamorous business for homeowners, but it can be very rewarding. The start-up cost is low, and once you sign up clients, they’ll be with you week after week.

A guest on the One Side Hustle show explained that he pays $14-20 per yard per week, attracting more than 80 customers.

Not bad for a college student, and maybe once a week on a Saturday morning!

18. Yard Care

If you’re not picking up cat litter but you still like the idea of working outside, consider a yard maintenance business. Sure, you can get lawnmowers the old-fashioned way by driving your mower up and down the neighborhood and knocking on doors, but that’s old school.

Enter Green Paul, “Uber for lawn care.”

GreenPal (lawn mowers and other garden equipment) has more than 10,000 suppliers in 49 states.

CEO Brian Clayton explains, “Most of our lawn care centers are college kids who use our app during the summer to earn extra money. Most of our young salespeople use our app. App. in the background.” weekend, and it’s a good thing.” so they get extra money “for money.”

Also, Brian said the average GreenPal owner makes about $55 an hour mowing his property.

Students set their schedules and choose the clients they want to work for.

19. Sports Coaching

Good student-athletes can turn their vacations into valuable training. It would help if you had a park (or a pool or a walk) to do your exercise.

As a kid, I went to a lot of football games, so it’s nice to have something that you know parents are already spending money on.

20. Selling College Class Notes

Students who work hard can determine the value of the grades they have earned in previous classes. You can sell it to your classmates in class during exams or advertise it on online businesses. As per OneClass, you can procure up to $470 per class.

21. T-Shirt Designs

Merch on Amazon and other marketplaces allow you to get your t-shirt design idea in front of a large audience. Programs like Printful will also deliver to your Etsy or Shopify store.

These services manage all printing and shipping. All you have to do is a design that will sell. Factor in your costs and revenue by breaking down the buyer’s price and the product’s price.

I find that school memes and shirts from recent events work well.

22. Rental Arbitrage

The best way to earn money at the university is to rent a villa near the university and share rooms or list them on Airbnb. Let’s say a 5-bedroom apartment costs you $2,000 a month to rent for 12 months. You can “house hack” – live in one room and rent out the other 4 rooms for $500 and stay cheap.

Or, by short-term Airbnb brokerage, you can earn a little more. But be aware of furniture costs when you go this route. (I live with a young entrepreneur who earns $10+ a month doing this.)

23. Mobile Detailing

If you enjoy polishing your car inside and out, you can turn this skill into an income stream. For brothers Josh and Austin Belk, college students in Missouri, it quickly escalated from hobby to business. With a few new local online businesses, they grew the business to $6k in monthly revenue.

Their detailing service over the phone can be done at the customer’s location, and Josh explains that this is the first time they’ve detailed a vehicle for many of their customers. To me, that is a sign that the market is upside down.

24. Craigslist Gigs

Craigslist Gigs

In the bottom corner of Craigslist is a small section (at least at press time) devoted to side hustlers called Gigs:

Check it out and see what kind of gigs you can find nearby or online. Be careful and avoid scams!

25. Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping

Field Agent is a free smartphone that pays you to do small local tasks, such as taking pictures inside a store. I have found many of these services near me, from companies like Home Depot and Walmart, that charge anywhere from $3-8 per service.

26. Local Tour Guide Service

Want to introduce people to your city? You can create your own unique travel experience using sites like Airbnb Experiences. For example, Alex Cannon takes city walkers through the hills of San Francisco for $50 per person.

27. Babysitting or Child Care

As a “responsible” child, it was a way to earn money in my childhood. I have a few regular customers and have never had a driving-related accident anywhere. Then calls from neighbors and flyers worked to get gigs, and today, caregivers as young as 14 can sign up on Care.com.

Babysitting or Child Care

Take CPR and first aid classes to give your parents (and yourself) peace of mind.

28. Sell things on eBay to make money in college

eBay can be a tough, competitive, low-key place, but there are still ways to make money on eBay.

My favorite eBay seller is Rob, the “Flea Market Flipper,” who traded 6 paintings to buy low and sell high. He and his wife, Melissa, make thousands of dollars a month, turning things around part-time!

Check How To Earn Money Form Ebay: The Complete Guide To Making Money On eBay In 2023

29. Donate Blood Plasma

A friend told me that giving blood is how he paid his college bills. Each subscription costs $20-50, and you can go multiple times a month – if you don’t mind the series.

30. Getaround

Having a car on or near campus can be expensive, and it’s more stressful if you don’t use it often.

With services like Getaround, you can turn time into money by renting out your car to someone else. This works well if you have a flexible schedule for visiting tenants and are close to an airport or school.

The company has $1 million in insurance for each season, and top owners get thousands more a year.

Some Getaround owners are using the platform creatively to help promote the best car they can buy. (On a similar platform, some of our friends managed to get their Teslas “for free.”)

31. Become a Bartender

Bartending is one of the best ways to earn money in college, with top earners earning up to $200 a night. The laws surrounding being an entrepreneur vary from state to state, so be sure to check your local laws.

32. Host Trivia Nights

If bartending isn’t what you’re looking for, partner with local bars to host a great night. This usually happens on slower nights of the week when venues rely on your entertainment to draw in customers.

It may take time to start successful trivia nights, but you can earn up to $175 per night per spot.

33. Movie Extra

Depending on where you go to school, you can find many jobs in the area. They usually pay minimum wage, but they can earn up to $200 Part-Time Jobs in College a day and cause you some inconvenience.

34. Consumer Research Studies

Many companies and brands seek and will pay for feedback on upcoming products. I have done a lot of research online and even a few in-person focus groups. It’s a lot of fun and usually costs in the range of $ 60-100 an hour.

NOTE: Online focus groups: 10 customer research companies that charge up to $100 an hour to get your opinion.

35. Scrap Metal Recycling

Although it takes tons of metal to make big bucks, the recycled materials earn Coach Dom Costa $400+ a month. If you have a great car and a strong back, this is a great way to earn college money. Recycling centers cut corners because they reduce waste and the need to produce new products.

Craigslist, local businesses, and your neighbors are potential sources of waste, Costa explained. Non-ferrous metals such as brass, copper, and aluminum are the most important.

36. Window Cleaning

As a full-time student, Johnny Robinson grew his window cleaning business to nearly $700,000 in annual revenue.

Window cleaning is ideal for college because of low upfront costs and seasonal schedules. (He and his partner started with $150 worth of equipment).

Conclusion: There are many ways for college students to make money.

With some creativity and persistence, you can earn real money in Part-Time Jobs in College. In fact, I can safely say that I’m better off today because I’m not focusing on my schoolwork. I still got good grades, but I learned a lot in class by using my entrepreneurial muscles and practicing in the real world.

So here’s your homework for today: Pick something from this list and take action!

And if you remember, I encourage you to come back here and share your findings in the comments.

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