18 Side Hustles for Accountants to Earn Over $1,000 Monthly

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Between student loans over $20,000 and the rising cost of…well, everything…it’s only natural for bankers to find ways to make extra money. Whether you’re looking to access your savings, pay off debt, or increase your income, there are many benefits for accountants.

In this article, I will share my top picks.

Done? Let us do it!

1. Bookkeeping Service

With your background, it’s worth taking a closer look at the savings page. Virtual gamblers like Kate Johnson can earn $60 an hour or more.

Your experience and credentials will help you stand out in an industry that doesn’t have the legal credentials to call yourself a secretary.

Bookkeeping Service
Cáit spoke about the importance of knowing the accounting software you have chosen.

2. Tutoring

Side Hustles for Accountants is a daunting subject for many students! With your skills, you can start a tutoring business to help them. Platforms like WyzAnt connect students with teachers at rates between $40-100 per hour.

Or you can build relationships with teachers and gain confidence. For example, Matt Fuentes specializes in college entrance exam preparation and regularly earns $90-100 an hour from home.

3. Tax Prep Service

Side Hustles for Accountants people will probably come to you first with tax questions – even if you’re not an accountant. However, you can bring relevant advice and expertise and help people with their tax returns.

It has been my father-in-law’s passion for many years. The extra income helped him provide for his family and pay his down payment.

According to College Investor, 38% of households hire an accountant or services like H&R Block to do their taxes. Depending on the complexity of the result, prices range from $250 to $1,000 or more.

4. E-Commerce Store

E-commerce comes in many different forms, but one model to consider is “high-end” shipping. In general, dropshipping is when you sell products on behalf of the manufacturer or supplier, but you do not handle the products.

When you sell, it’s sent to the customer by name, so you don’t have to worry about accidental purchases. You also have no storage and transport space.

When I contacted Ben Knegendorf, he shared some great ways:

  • Your basic product should cost more than $800.
  • There should be at least 5-10 suppliers
  • Things should be “ideal to have” – only one out of every odd day.
  • You must want to serve your customers

This business model requires a lot of work to organize the store and improve customer relations, but it still works. One thing to consider, however, is how you can differentiate yourself from other distributors selling the same product to the same retailer at the same price.
5. Real Estate Investing

Real estate investing is one of the oldest and most popular books. My accountant friend likes to analyze real estate and ended up buying two dozen. The downside is that the house is expensive!

Fortunately, new platforms like Arriving have made it easier to invest in income-generating products—for as little as $100.The company raises money to buy rental properties, operate them, and then distribute the proceeds each month.

This means you can enjoy the benefits of being an active member while spreading the risk. (And without having to deal with office, maintenance or tenant issues yourself!)

Real Estate Investing
For More Money Check This:

6. Online Arbitrage

By understanding the spirit and love of numbers, online brokerage benefits investors. In this business, you buy less from other sources and sell more (usually) on Amazon.

I caught up with Chris Grant from The Side Hustles for Accountants Show who explained how it works and what it takes to get started. (And how he sells $75,000 worth of jewelry in one month!)

7. Mobile Notary Service

Through your specific instructions, accountants make excellent mobile notaries. Phone loan officers visit borrowers and walk through their most recent credit information.

These gigs usually cost $50-150 a day and generate a large crowd as the dates usually take place in the evening. (Banks love to lend to people with day jobs!)

Some members of the Side Hustles for Accountants Nation community are reporting up to $8,000 per month from their mobile business.

8. Content Business

My friend Pat McPherson is an accountant turned blogger. He runs a popular DIY blog with information on important topics.

There is a lot to learn when it comes to web design and search engine optimization, but it can be very rewarding. Top bloggers make $10,000 a month or more.

First, focus on articles that answer readers’ specific questions. Once you’ve built your content library, you can eventually make money through advertising, affiliate marketing, or your products and services.

9. Virtual CFO Service

Shannon Weinstein, CPA, started a virtual CFO program on the Side Hustles for Accountants of her day job. When he’s not working full-time, it’s already a multi-six-figure business!

Her main business is Instagram and her Cape You Earn podcast. Both consider short answers and answers to tax questions. Once he became an expert, he soon hired sponsors and visitors to help with tax ideas.

10. Software Tutorials

Is there an accounting tool you like? Do people always ask you about it?

One of my favorite things is turning that information into content, especially on YouTube. For example, Mark Smolen is “The Quickbooks Dude” on YouTube and his channel has more than 33,000 subscribers.

In addition to earning advertising fees from his videos, he sells several paid online courses through his website.

When I search for terms like “quick books for homeowners” Mark’s videos come up high in the search results. YouTube is a great way to showcase your skills and connect with a potential audience.

11. Freelance Writing

“Publish or Go” doesn’t just apply to education – it applies to online content too. Online publishers, FinTech companies, and other websites often pay freelance writers to create new content for them.

Many of these companies are looking for financial writers. (Authors’ skills and expertise are important to Google!)

As your writing portfolio grows, you can get higher rates. For example, Paul Maplesden has been a full-time writer in accounting and marketing since 2015, paying $380+ per Article!

Freelance Writing
12. Online Market Research

Many companies and brands seek and will pay for feedback on upcoming products. I have done many paid online surveys and even a few in-person focus groups.

It’s a lot of fun and usually costs in the range of $ 60-100 an hour. Professionals like accountants need specialized business research.

Online Market Research
13. Selling Spreadsheets

Did you know that people buy catalogs online? Emily McDermott focuses on selling financial spreadsheets in Excel and Google Sheets – and has sold over $250,000 in her first two years!

As an accountant, you probably already have half a dozen spreadsheets on your computer that other people can pay for. Go to platforms like Etsy to find your first customers.

14. Financial Coaching

When it comes to money, best practices are rare. This means that there is an opportunity for financial advisers to provide financial advice to individuals and small businesses.

For instance, Sylvia Inks centers around private ventures and assists them with their planning, income, and by and large productivity.

When we spoke, he told customers through:

  • Local networking events
  • Public speaking ceremonies
  • Customers can search for their books on Amazon

15. Podcasting

Brad Barrett is a CPA who co-hosts ChooseFI, a popular podcast in the FIRE (Financial Freedom, Early Retirement) community. The show takes a positive approach to personal finance and covers:

  • Save and invest
  • The people who carry the goods
  • The journey thief
  • Paying taxes
  • Insurance
  • And other things

Podcasting is an inexpensive sideline for accountants to start, and it can turn into a business. As audiences grow, podcasts are monetized through sponsors, affiliate shows, and sales of products and services.

16. Part-Time Remote Work

FlexJobs are work-from-home jobs. When I searched for “registration” and filtered to part-time, I found over 250 postings.

He pointed out to me that many companies are not large enough to allow a full-time accountant, but can still use in-house services.

FlexJobs charges a small monthly fee to access its listings, but you’ll easily make it back in one job (and then some!).

17. Buy a Business

If it’s a good time to review income statements and balance sheets, you’ll have a place to start when it comes to buying a business. The advantage of buying an existing business is that you hopefully eliminate much of the risk of starting something from scratch.

Also, you can use your skills to improve the business while you have it. For example, Jono Santamaria bought clothes and quickly tripled the amount:

  • Add cashless payment options
  • Improve the company’s online presence
  • Raising prices and adding additional services

And although he made some significant investments in the area, he was able to afford most of the purchase price.

18. Credit Card Rewards

Credit card rewards aren’t an added incentive for real-time trading, but they can still be an easy way for accountants to make extra money. Banks are hungry for new customers and big sign-up bonuses – in the form of cash and free travel.

Since you are responsible with money and don’t want to spend more than you can afford, this bonus is an easy win.

What’s the Best Side Hustle for Accountants?

As with most things, which Side Hustles for Accountants  is best for you depends on your long-term interests and goals. Some accountants hate the idea of spending their free time thinking about receivables and expenses – in which case a delivery frenzy would be a terrible idea!

However, I am sure that you will be inspired by this list and you can choose the path that suits you. It is so beautiful!

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